Gah! Of course they have to release the chapter earlier when I get home late. Double Gah!

Anyway, gotta loooove this chapter. Things are finally picking up some pace. I was getting tired of people whining on how slow it was, seriously, I was loving the slow pace. But I loved how suddenly everything started running.

I think something really interesting was Ishida's part, his confession on how something that feels like Reiatsu has been attached to Ichigo all along, even if he was supposed to have lost his powers. This is our Ichigo and that means that he's not out of the game. The story is still about him and that's it.

But of course the center of the chapter was Mr. Lost Agent. I think his bringing up Isshin's background to Ichigo and taunting him about how little he knows about his family will be the trigger to finally showing us Isshin's story. I might venture out to say that Mr. Lost Agent knows more about Isshin than he appears to.

I totally screamed when I saw the sign of the Urahara Shoten. Urahara!! Yaay! Even if he only had one panel, I was still happy. I'm dying to know what's his business with Karin. Most people speculate that Karin has become a Substitute Shinigami, but I don't really love that theory. It has been going around for so long that it sounds too predictable to me.

On that note, Jinta and Ururu look all grown up! I miss Ururu's chibi-cute look, she looks too pretty now XD. And Urahara and Tessai... they just don't change. Which is cool with me, Urahara changing looks... nooo!!

So things are starting to turn and spin and whoop. I'm totally looking forward to next week's One-shot, and color spread and everything! I just get more excited by the week, I love that feeling so much!

And Happy Birthday Ken-chan!! (November 19)

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