Gah, my browser is so slow! I can't get it to load the last page, do you have any friggin' idea of how stressed I am?! I have three windows open and none of them is able to load!! I'm going nuts here!!! If I can share my thoughts about it, while waiting for it to load (seriously, I've been waiting for it for like... 7 minutes?) My first thought was that the guy was going to unveil someone's head or something.

OK, so I finally read the last page, now I can write properly.

Such a lively chapter. Funny without getting stupid. I love when people bicker and banter. So having Ichigo and Ishida bickering and at each other's throats was incredibly amusing.

I'm quite surprised to know that Ishida is now working coordinatedly with Urahara, it's not something I would expect from him, but I can imagine Urahara teasing Ishida and Ishida getting all worked up about it (oh, the hilarity). It's also refreshing to see the relationship between Ichigo and Ishida hasn't changed at all, they're all just the same.

The cover was genius if you ask me. Bleach written in both of their sleeves and the Chapter number in the guy's flying teeth. Just awesome and very original. Bordering dumb but very in tone with the mood of the chapter.

I think the awesomenest (is that a word?) part was Ichigo's boss (gotcha! Told you it wasn't Urahara) Unagiya Ikumi (Ikumi Unagiya if you like it western-style). She's gorgeous, at first I thought she was Yoruichi, if not for her skin color, and she's very Rukia-ish in the way she just bosses Ichigo around. She's awesome!!

The new guy makes a new appearance (when Ikumi said costumer I thought it would be Rukia or Urahara) and as I said previously, at first I thought he would be carrying someone's head (I am a bit traumatized after watching Aoi Bungaku, heads! heads!!). The Ramen was a bit disappointing (especially since I had to wait so long for the page to load, and compared to the idea of the "shock! head!!"), it's not all that shocking nor does it reveal anything, it's like "Ramen? Huh?" One would even wonder why Ichigo gets so defensive, I almost felt I missed something, did I? Or are Ichigo's natural spider-senses perking? But this leaves us with the expectation of knowing more about him next week, since he has directly confronted Ichigo, like he had been searching for him, much like Shinji did when he wanted to recruit him.

All in all I'm satisfied with the chapter, it was lively and energetic, very happy and cheery. I hoped to see Chad punching that guy who got a new look (seriously, where's Chad? Did he get Kensei'd?) but I'm pleased to see a load of new characters, something we hadn't had in a while.

I love your comments (as always) remember to keep then nice and clean, no spoilers and no crack theories.

And Happy Birthday Ikkaku!! (November 9)

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