Well, I'll be quick, I should be doing schoolwork.

I was dying to see this chapter and, though I didn't quite expect it, we're met with quite a time-skip. 17 months is a lot if you ask me, though I think it's cool to see all of our characters' new look. And Ichigo still never changes, though he did look a bit older in the color cover.

On a quick overview, Yuzu looks too Orihime-ish to me, so I'm not a fan of her look. I love Karin, she looks so mature and awesome. Tatsuki is gorgeous. Mizuiro and Keigo are OK, not much to say. Ishida is the same too.

This chapter was simple, clean, just an overview of Ichigo's human life as it has been for the last 17 months. He's now preparing for college, even if he hasn't decided what to do of his life. Not much happened in it, but I liked it that way, it was meant to start building the plot for this "short arc".

I found it touching that Ichigo still seems to miss Rukia. It just shows that even if they knew each other for a short time (less than a year?), she was an important person to him, as a friend at least and that they shared a very deep bond.

It is then that we're introduced to the actual plot. The new guy (who looks a bit Renji-ish to me) who has a Representative badge (I'm a bit confused, he has his own badge or did he steal Ichigo's?) It looked like it was his own, because he took it out of his bag and it had a chain attached to it. And the arc is called Lost Shinigami Representative, so it makes sense... kinda.

Well, this is just the start and I think it was a very interesting start because it hooked us up with something that had been unexplored, the Substitute Shinigami subject. I'm definitely looking forward to it. And to have Rukia back!!!

Will love to see your comments, now that the manga is finally back (we missed it so badly!!) but remember the rules! No crack theories, no spoilers and don't bash any character or user. So that's it on my part! And sorry to be late!!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Kaien!! (October 27th)

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