Deicide is finally OVER!

With that said, this chapter left me with such a peaceful feeling, yet with so many unanswered questions. I have mixed feelings about this chapter. I love it. It's that happy feeling of peace that we hadn't had in ages.

We see that all our Visoreds are fine and dandy (and covered in bandages). Even Hiyori was patched up and has chances to survive. Shinji is back and kicking, I'm so happy!

About our captains, though, we're left in the dark, except for Kurotsuchi, who is without a scratch and playing around with people, and Unohana, who has succesfully tended to Hiyori, we know nothing. Of course my main concern is Yamamoto, because his status is the one that is most ambiguous atm, we have no idea of the effect that Sacrificial Kido had on him. Hitsugaya and Ukitake follow next. One was nearly cut in half and the other had a hand through his chest. I was surprised not to see Kyoraku or Soifon, I don't remember they were cut down so severely. Everything will come at times, I guess, I'm just a bit impatient to know what was of everyone!

Then we had Byakuya's and Kenpachi's triumphant arrival. As we all knew would happen, Yammy was essentially Kensei'd. Which reminds me, we didn't see Kensei (or Mashiro). So wazzap? What happened to Kensei? Honestly, did Kubo just forget about him? But back to Yammy, he was basically bloodily Kenpachi'd and chopped into Senbonzakura-sized pieces. Though we could see that he did put up a fight (isn't Byakuya's bleeding arm incredibly sexy? Damn, I'm beeing so random right now).

And finally we had Ichigo's dialogue with Urahara. While reading this I realized something. RKT is in Soul Society. Urahara is in RKT, IN Soul Society. Does this mean that Urahara is no longer banned from Soul Society? Remember that last time he tried to go through the Senkaimon he was rejected by it. Now I'm curious about it.

I was a bit miffed about Ichigo's reflections on Aizen. All this deal about solitude and trying to find his equal being his real motivations to search all that power. And that theory of Aizen auto-pwning himself. Not only do I find this a bit hard to believe (we are talking about Aizen), but trying to redeem Aizen's actions at this point is just something I'm not buying. Though maybe I could find some sense on the "searching for someone who shared his viewpoint" part, recalling Aizen asking Urahara how someone like him submitted himself to the Spirit King. Under this perspective, Aizen could see in Urahara a potential ally, who ended disappointing him. But then again, Aizen was always someone who searched for more power, to break all limits and barriers, so this idea of him wanting to be "just a Shinigami" is something I can't imagine as something Aizen would think.

Finally Ichigo reunites with his friends. Rukia looks so cute with her bandages. I missed Rukia. Sucks to have "Kurosaki-kun" back, but oh well, I'll live through it. I noticed that Ishida seems to have both of his hands back, so this means Inoue restored the one he lost in battle, so that probably means all the arms that went flying through the last battle can and probably will be restored.

But Kubo can't give us a minute of peace, the boy has to collapse for no apparent reason at all and start choking and ceizuring. And we have to wait til next week to know why! Gah! I really wanted to focus on the aftermath and how the injured ones were (where's my Gotei 13? Hinamori anyone? I don't care that much but I still want to know!) How about Gin and Rangiku? I thought we'd have like two-three chapters of peace instead of rushing to another crisis.

Such are my thoughts. Will love to hear about yours. No crack and no spoilers, be nice and don't bash.

And Happy Birthday Rangiku!

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