Ulqui Damn it!! I'm reeling!! THIS is the most amazing chapter in HISTORY!

I am rendered totally speechless. This is simply a masterpiece. I mean... I'm out of words.

I'll start with something easy. The color page. Kubo-sensei's art is just a wonder to admire. When I saw it I knew this was going to be an amazing chapter. The strokes are so beautiful and the picture is amazing and completely striking, so intense and powerful! I died.

Then Hollow Zangetsu's farewell words gave me this sad feeling that I can't describe. I wanted to cry because I had felt so connected to him, even if he had such a short appearance. He made a deep impact on me that I have explained oh so many times.

I hardly understood the first pages and must admit was mildly disappointed with how quickly Ichigo's transformation was gone. I guess we're used to long explanations and rants and "My new tecnique is so powerful and totally pwns you" that it was odd to have the Mugetsu go straight to the point. At the same time, it was pretty amazing how it came out, I actually liked the concept a lot. But as I said, I was amazed and sad to see Ichigo's transformation and powers fading away so fast.

When Aizen came back with his "I'm god and Imma transform again" I thought we were in for the crappiest chapter in history. And I was SUPER creeped out with his Half-skull face (at least all trace of butterfly wings were gone, YAY!) but... HalfAizen! The skull half looked like an old lady. Super creepy. And I really thought I would kill myself if we went with another transformation. I thought Ichigo was going to get Aizen'ed.

Of course the JOY of my life was to see Urahara back! Kubo couldn't be done with him it would've been ridiculous! And Urahara is so... He was perfect. He played Aizen so amazingly! "I planned everything ahead of time and so now you're screwed". My Ulqui, I was screaming in happiness with every page. Finally it seems Aizen is done for! Even the Hogyoku has rejected him, it doesn't recognize him as its master. I mean... this is just amazing, it's like the most amazing outcome I could've imagined (well Aizen didn't burst into flames, but I'm happy)

What's interesting here is the questioning Aizen does towards the Spirit King. He calls it a "thing", as if he were obsolete and useless (well, we don't see him doing much, do we?), and even Urahara says that he only submits himself to the King because that's how things keep their balance. He also says Aizen "saw it" when he speaks of the King. Meaning that probably both Aizen and Urahara have seen the King or something referent to him and that it's something completely unconventional. So it's pretty interesting. Maybe this is where the next arc is heading, I'm not going to throw any particular theories but this exchange between them intrigues me a lot.

I love your comments, just remember to keep them in topic, and no spoilers or crack theories, be respectful and everything! Let's hope we don't get our comments blanked like last week

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