This has to be the most awesome chapter we've seen in ages. At least, for me.

Firstly this time we got to see what happened in Ichigo's training. Ownage. I loved it to death. I said repeatedly that the most amazing thing about Tensa Zangetsu was the power of his words and how deep and touching they were. The few chapters he made an appearance he always said meaningful things and I loved that so much. This chapter further proved that.

Back when TZ said he didn't want to protect the same things Ichigo did, I wondered what that is that he wanted to protect. And the answer was so... beautiful. I mean... he's fighting Ichigo, somehow leading him to learn the Final Getsuga Tensho, even if that will cause Ichigo to lose his Shinigami powers. But if Ichigo's Shinigami powers are lost, wouldn't that mean that he, Zangetsu/Tensa Zangetsu would cease to exist? I wonder if the sadness Ichigo sensed in his sword is caused by that.

And that scene, when Ichigo let Hollow Zangetsu pierce him with his sword. The connection between them felt so deep, so real, and for the first time it really felt like Ichigo and his Zanpakuto were close to each other in something different than the "teaching/fatherly" relationship he usually has with Zangetsu. It felt so human, so full of feelings. As I had said previously Tensa Zangetsu lets go of all the emotion that Zangetsu keeps hidden, and as such, he shows his care for Ichigo, to the point of even crying. It really was a beautiful moment (how many times have I said beautiful in the last three paragraphs?) I think it was the scene that touched me the most. I just loved it too much, and I can't find the right words to express it.

And now the Final Getsuga Tensho. The look. Is just too f**** awesome. This is Shonen to its maximum. The bandages... OMFU I DIED. Though Ichigo is barely recognizable under that thick super sexy black hair and those amazing bandages, all he has left is that incredibly determined look in his eyes. He really looks ready to sweep the floor with Aizen. Of course I'm dying to hear an explanation of what exactly does "becoming Getsuga" means.

And what was even more amazing was that Aizen started to muse on the possibility of Ichigo's superiority. Even if he tried to dismiss it immediately, this is Aizen after all, the mere thought of anything being superior than him must seem ludicrous to him, the thought is there. And Ichigo went fast to prove how right it was and how far stronger he's gotten. I can't wait to see what this "Mugetsu" is about. It just keeps getting better week after week,

Of course we are all wondering, what will happen next? I'm scared to death. We used to quickly dismiss everyone who asked if Ichigo would lose his powers, but now Kubo has opened the door, what will happen now? I really can't imagine a not-Shinigami Ichigo. And of course I'm very excited to see where this battle is going, it seems to be getting more exciting week after week.

My apologies for being late again, we're having a national festivity today (it's 200 years since the Mexican Independence Day, the government is making such a fuss over it) and my family and I went out to have dinner, so I couldn't read the chapter earlier.

You know I always enjoy reading your comments as long as you remember the rules: No crack theories, no SPOILERS (don't even mention them), no insulting or bashing, keep a check of your language, stay in-topic, that's it. Will love to know what you think of this chapter, because I seriously loved it.

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