Maaa I finally got a grasp of the PC to write this. Though I find myself strangely uninspired. Wonder why? (that sounds so much like Wonderweiss...)

OK, sorry for rambling. So the chapter. What can I say, it was a bit unexpected. Yes, nobody expected ANOTHER transformation. Did we need it? Not really in my opinion. But for me, it confirms that this is the last battle for Aizen. I don't see any way for him to get out of this now. My condolencies to those true hardcore Aizen fans who will appreciate how the character they loved and worshipped is now truly lost. The calm, intellectual, arrogant, smart, guy is now gone and left us with this weird monster (the design is super cool, though a bit too Hollowish for Aizen's style) that loses his cool and screams and yells and just can't keep himself together when faced with something he can't comprehend.

On the other hand we have Ichigo. Ther art style on this chapter, specially for Ichigo went skyrocketing, kudos to Kubo for this. That panel where Ichigo says "Is that all you got?" Man it sent chills down my spine! The look, the hair. Awesome drawing!!. Other than that, he didn't do much. For a moment I thought the kid was gonna get Aizen'ed (I did jokingly say he would a couple weeks ago) and was ready to go bloody murder at my screen, when Ichi-berry finally got serious and decided he was done with playing around and that he wanted to "finish" (how many times has he said that already?). So he's finally going to get to the Final Getsuga Tensho.

Mind you, there was really no fighting in this chapter, or no... nothing whatsoever. It barely left an impression on me. Aizen babbling on how he's so superior (what's new?) and someone getting Aizen'ed (well, just this one time, the subject didn't get Aizen'ed). I think the only relevant thing here was the transformation, which looks incredible, though the skulls remind me of D. Gray Man Akuma. But I mean... how much more upgrades does he need? If we point to objectiveness, the guy has now had 4 upgrades, whereas Ichigo had only one, and Kubo wants us to believe that he can still make him bite the dust? Yeah sure... As long as we kill the butterfly (the new upgrade makes his wings look like a Butterfly had kids with a Mantarray... what's up with that?) I don't mind.

It was an OK chapter, it helped to build up the tension of the fight and to show Aizen's downfall, the overture for his defeat. That's what I really felt this chapter was about. And looking forward to the FGT, in hopes that Ichigo will explain what all that training was about.

Comments are loved, even if I'm late to the party (I was at school!) and you know the rules, spoilers, crack theories, bashing, and off-topic are not welcome. Other than that, suit yourselves.

BTW, just a quick note, I forgot to mention but Happy Anniversary Bleach! (I just watched the episode) and that reminds me that tomorrow (September 10th) is Gin's birthday so Happy Birthday Gin! We miss you!

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