I must say it, please someone have Aizen STFU already, it's numbing my brain. There's just as much "full of myself" one can take.

And Ichigo did it quite impressively, I liked the few dialogues he had I loved that one with the "Scared of seeing something you can't understand?" that was totally a piece of his own medicine for poor Butterflaizen! I mean, how much more ARROGANT can he get? "I can change the shape of the earth"? So it was totally cool to have Ichigo shut him up like thrice? I don't remember anymore.

But, and here comes the problem, and I brought it up last week, we were all wondering what's the big great awesomeness that will make Ichigo so good as to crush the almighty Aizen? What's the Final Getsuga Tensho? Is his reiatsu so vast that nobody can sense it anymore? Nah, epic fail! His reiatsu was cast aside for the sake of "Physical strength". Translation, did I get this right? Ichigo is going to kill the overhyped butterfly throwing punches? LAME!

What's special about that?! As I said last week, and I'm repeating it now, I'm disappointed. What about the Final Getsuga Tensho, is that one a goner? After all, that's a reiatsu based technique, and as far as I understood, Ichigo can no longer do that. So much for "training". And so Zangetsu has been doomed to be just a super melee sword that's gonna hit very hard for the rest of eternity. Again, epic fail. Or am I getting something wrong? Do enlighten me, because by the looks of it, I'm so not looking forward to this very "Physical" fight. Except for how awesomely hot Ichigo looks (sorry, I was holding back for three weeks, I couldn't do it anymore)

But I did enjoy seeing Aizen cast the whole incantation for Kuroshitsuji, it seemed to me like he was a bit desperate if he needed to recite the whole thing, that's so not Aizen, he seems to be slowly losing it, so maybe I'm going to enjoy his downfall.

I don't have anything else left to say, this was a very action-chapter, as I said repeatedly, I enjoyed seeing Aizen getting shut-up (all of that smug-nonsense was giving me a headache).

I haven't been very active recently, RL is killing me with college assignments and I apologize for that, I need to find some balance, so bear with me a little.

Love comments, rules are same as always: No bashing, no spoilers, no crack theories, no off-topic. And I hope I can come around soon.

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