And we innocently believed the Deicides were over. So naïve we are. Get ready for chapter 815: Deicide 417, it's not that far away. Though it's hard to think about the chapter when I'm stuck in my

dusty laptop (got kicked from the PC) who has a habit of doing weird things.

My first thought about this is that Ichigo's new look is way too amazing to believe. A closer inspection to Tensa Zangetsu's blade shows that it's now much more elegant, my impression is that it looks like black marble. Those three months did him really good. The hair is awesome too, way to go Kubo, he really doesn't look like a kid anymore. Though those months were not so favorable to poor Isshin, he looks pretty bummed and the beard accentuates it a lot.

I'm a bit confused on the reiatsu matter. I thought Isshin had said that only those equal to Aizen could feel his reiatsu, yet Tatsuki and co. have been very capable of sensing him all this time (probably what Isshin said was only valid while he was in "chrysalis form"?), but now Ichigo's reiatsu can't be sensed, even Aizen says he doesn't feel it, so what's the deal? Before, having a super huge reiatsu that made people fall to their knees was a sign of greatest power. Now the sign of being the most powerful is how "un-sensable" your reiatsu can be?

I think the most exciting moment of this chapter was when Gin opened his eye. I screamed "He's alive!! OMFU! He's alive!! Thank you!!" Then I kinda wanted to cry again, it was pretty cruel. And Gin handing the baton to Ichigo was sorta not my thing. Though it was interesting to see that even he saw the renewed determination in Ichigo's eyes, it was about time the kid snapped out of it, and I like the new fire in his eyes and his overall look.

It was a decent chapter compared to our usual, though I can imagine the next few weeks. Ichigo will be super powerful for five pages, then Aizen will totally own him, and then Ichigo will have to produce a miracle. Though seeing how much Kubo seems to like Aizen, I wouldn't be all that surprised if even Ichigo got Aizen'ed (I already said this last week)

I love your comments but please be respectful to other users, let's stay in-topic and leave speculation out, no spoilers and no crack-theories, and just about the usual.

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