I'm... I'm crying and all the stuff... this is like... if I went over all that I think of this development Yyp would come and cut my head.

If I stop being a crybaby for a second and think reasonably, I think I can make this readable for a moment at least.

I mean... the chapter isn't bad... but it isn't good... If we just cut off Aizen it's kinda readable. But then if we cut off Aizen nothing happens, so I'm not making any sense. I'm sorry, my stomach is completely twisted and I feel horrible.

I can start with what I hated the most about this chapter. We are back again with Aizen going on to "whatever you did, I knew it beforehand", the clarividence that I just can't stand anymore. This ridiculousness of Aizen saying "I created the Hogyoku before Urahara" is probably the most stupid thing I ever heard. It becomes even sillier when he says "Urahara's Hogyoku was incomplete as well, so I fed it to my own". This "incomplete" notion escapes my understanding. If it was so incomplete, how was it capable of performing all those "miracles" Aizen claims it did? The Vizards, Rukia transferring her power to Ichigo, Orihime's and Chad's power (which I still refuse to believe came from the Hogyoku to begin with), and so on. As I always said, everytime Aizen opens his mouth, the whole story stops making sense.

Rangiku's comeback wasn't unexpected, I guess we all knew deep down that she wasn't dead after the last chapter, with that flashback but her appearance made this chapter completely dramatic, I think it was her tears that made me cry so much. The scene was so dramatic, with the flashback finally revealing that Gin's intentions were to protect Rangiku and that reference to the time he said "Sorry" back in End of Hypnosis (we all knew it was significant).

It irks me to no end that nothing steps out of Aizen's plan. It's gotten to a point where it's not believable. How come "all of Gin's effort helped him achieve the final stage" or whatever, if Aizen never knew of Gin's abilities to begin with? It's been like this for a long time, and, in risk of getting repetitive myself, I'M TIRED OF IT!!!

And the last I can say is that, just like we expected it to happen, Ichigo is back, and we got no lights of his training (no hopes of ever getting a good beautiful shot of Hollow Zangetsu). I can say, he came in the best possible moment (no, wait, the best possible moment was 8 pages ago, before Gin was slashed, useless Ichigo!) I can say he looks pretty amazing, his hair is quite cool and so does the chain around his arm. But as has been said previously, just one upgrade, where Aizen has had 4 since they were last confronted... I don't know.

The color spread was completely amazing, I loved it to the core, even if it was pure Ichigo, the art style was simply breathtaking.

At the moment, I'm grieving over Gin, though I'm in some sort of denial, and unless someone says he's over, I'm refusing to accept it. I think Kubo didn't give him the finale he deserved if this was his ending, he simply served as another toy for Aizen to slain? Gin deserved so much more than that! and so I'm waiting for him to get up (well, not get up, he's pretty beat up, but you get what I'm saying)

Well, that's it for me this week, you know the rules and you know I love your comments and opinions so there you are.

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