Finally the wait is over! I thought I was going to die waiting!!! It's out people, the friggin' chapter is finally OUT! And it has a gorgeous color page! Gin looks beautiful in that white robe and that mask suits him wonderfully. It's so his style (reminds me of those Fox-cellphones Kira wanted to make lol)

And it was a wonderful chapter! (Yes, I'm filling up space saying nonsense, so that nothing important will show up in the front page) Totally worth the wait. You know, I was signing in to college and was mumbling stuff like "The frigging chapter must be out already and I'm wasting my time here..." and "Sir, can I use your laptop to see if the chapter is finally out?". And the guy sitting next to me was giving me weird looks.

I think it's safe to talk now. I must say I wasn't as awfully surprised as I would've liked to be because I met a friend yesterday and she was all "Did you see it? The spoiler? I knew it! I told you so!" Of course she always told me Gin would turn on Aizen. So I immediately knew what she was talking about and I almost killed her on the spot.

Anyway a lot of us had been seeing this "tension" between the two rising and rising chapter after chapter ever since the Deicide started. And with Matsumoto in the picture, we all thought all hell would break lose. Gin attacking her two weeks ago was completely shocking, and now that he says he killed her and Aizen states he can't sense her reiatsu makes me wonder what exactly did Gin intend with her. It was interesting to see that little flashback of Gin's own conception of himself. It's not uncommon to see people comparing him to a snake and to see him rationalizing and explaining that comparison was quite interesting, I enjoyed it a lot. And I love chibi Gin.

So Aizen does intend to create a King's Key, for those thinking he had a hidden ulterior move and that the Key was just a set up. Where does Ichigo fit in that plan, Ulquiorra knows, but it includes hanging his friends' corpses outside the town. That's kinda creepy. I was actually thinking the "tension" was completely gone for a moment there and we were back to play "it" with Ichigo's friends. (Aizen's "it"! Run!!!) And then the stuff got interesting.

Yeah, what most of us wanted to see. Shinso piercing through Aizen's heart. I loved it to the core. But maybe it didn't cause such an impact because I saw it coming due to all the ruckus from yesterday. Still, Gin knows how to say the coolest things like how to escape from Kyoka Suigetsu's hypnosis. Though it wasn't so unexpected after what Yamamoto did in Burnout Inferno, right?

I think the best of this chapter was the new onlook to Kamishini no Yari. It does seem much less lame than a very long and very fast sword. I'm still unfazed by the lack of change in looks, but I can live with that. Poison is very interesting for Gin and for his Snake theme, though it seems very different from the original Shinso. But I'm wondering, if the Poison is released inside of the blade, how do you use it? Yeah, we saw Gin leaving a piece of it inside Aizen, but how did he do it? Does he control this "dust" with his reiatsu or his mind like Byakuya does with Senbonzakura?

It's getting fairly old to hear Aizen saying "I knew your intentions/plans/whateva/ from the beginning..." like really? Does he have a crystal ball in his mind's eye? Sheesh he's such a soar loser... If the next chapter is about Aizen saying "Is this all you got?" or "I already knew your real ability" I swear I'll poke my eyeballs with a spork (yeah... that's not even a word).

What I felt was lacking in this chapter was a bit of... explanation. Why did Gin do all that he did, say cut Hiyori in half, for starters, or why is he betraying Aizen? I'd really like to hear what his true motives are and what really is going on in his head. He's clearly not on Aizen's side but is he on Soul Society's side? Now I'm really all itchy to see what will happen next week! I loved the final picture!

Guys, yesterday we had trouble with the spoiler being released and Jump being delayed and everyone being "Oh the spoiler's so... whatever". I used to be more lenient about this but things got out of control. You know the usual stuff. Crack theories are not allowed, you must stay on topic, you can't curse and you should be respectful to each other. And you can't post Spoilers, you all know that, but I don't want you to go talking about the Spoiler either, please. Things like "The spoiler seems to be dull/fun/cool/boring/whatever", not here please.

And you know I love your comments as always, so that's the deal.

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