Good Ulquiorra, this might actually be my shortest blog in History. I actually was doubting on doing it, but for the sake of commitment here I am.

In short, this was the epitome of filler chapters. I could've basically skipped it and wouldn't have missed a single thing, except for the dead look on Rangiku's eyes, really what on Karakura happened there? Patience is definitely not on my side.

Summary. Yadda yadda. Keigo and Tatsuki and Kanonji (happily, he didn't open his mouth, well, just once) yadda yadda, same old Keigo being Keigo, Tatsuki hitting him. Mizuiro made this chapter somewhat tolerable, he's such a freak. I kept flipping pages wondering when was something important actually going to happen. And then we went back to the neverending formula of impending doom falling over the "friends". Chizuru freaked out, and yadda yadda. And Aizen said his evil phrase of the week "I'm so clever I always knew where you were blah blah" 'coz he's clarivident (always).

Then Keigo played the "sacrifice". I actually thought he was gonna die for a sec. That would've been interesting. Sad. I admit, when the idea of him dying crossed my mind, I thought I'd be sad, and I don't even like Keigo. And then more silly pointless characters pop out! Agh! Afro-san? Are we for real here? How many miliseconds can he buy?

And then Gin came back. Tension? I don't know I'm going to wait before cursing or hoping when it comes to Gin, I already said it last week.

And Ichigo is getting nowhere! Nowhere that we can see at least. How long has he been fighting? He should have 1 hour in real time = 3 months, right? But he's apparently doing nothing and we're just getting the same old crap of Aizen "I'mgonnapwnU". Ah damn I'm so frustrated. I know many people disliked Deicide 10 because it was a transitional chapter and nothing happened and stuff, and I defended the chapter because it's not all about fights and swords and action but building the plot. But this was pure filler! This is like... the same as... 411, was it? Basically Aizen three steps away from killing Keigo and Tatsuki? (now plus Kanonji, Mizuiro, Chizuru and Kurumadani)

And yeah, that's all I have to say. This really must be the shortest blog I've written in history.

I always appreciate your comments, stay in topic, no cursing please, no crack theories, you know the deal.

To think I had to fight with all my family throughout all the afternoon to get the PC, just to read this crappy chapter. Sigh...

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