Sigh. Definitely not what I was expecting from this chapter.

It started quite cool, I loved Matsumoto's attitude, she was really calm and determined, she really knew what she was there for. Then I hated Kanonji. For starters, I hated the "guuurl" it's so damn stupid. I wanted to punch his ugly face to oblivion. I was so happy when Rangiku put him in his place. But honestly, is Kubo all that bored that he needs to put such a lame "comic relief"? Because it's killing me! All that tension and excitement dies immediately when the guy gets up and says "This isn't a place for such a gurly gurl to be!!" ahgh!! I'm committing murder if I here the word "gurl" again!!!

So yes, I was happy with the possibility of having Kanonji out of the picture, when Rangiku told him to run and whatever I thought "thanks, I won't be seeing him again in at least the rest of the chapter and we'll focus in the big Rangiku/Gin reunion". Yet we had more pointless Kanonji Keigo and Tatsuki pages to fill up. BTW when I saw Keigo holding a Zanpakuto I was like NOWAYINHELLISKEIGOASHINIGAMI!!! Yeah, I was gonna go bloody murder if the guy dared pull that off. I was relieved to see that it was just "Afro-san's". Kinda lame. What can Keigo do, even holding a Zanpakuto, is beyond me. If he comes out with some super hidden power I will probably get mad because I'm a bit done with superheroes coming out of nowhere and ridiculous power-ups like that one would definitely be a killer for the story.

But off to the main event. Rangiku and Gin. I was excited when Gin took her away, I thought he was going to tell her something important. When Aizen said "you're still a funny kid" I thought he knew Gin was going to betray him. What a big let down. Starting with Rangiku's choice of words. Asking for Kira? I think even Gin was let down by that one. He did say "Are you seriously asking me that?" I expected more conversation, more talking and more explanation. If not the big Gin redemption (as I said last week, I had a zillion different scenarios playing off in my head) then at least something like "I'm working for Aizen because I want to" (I mean, something!). And definitely I was not expecting to have Rangiku killed off right away. I hoped she'd last at least one more chapter! This was ridiculous! What was the point in having her running for three chapter and then reappear if she was going to end up bleeding to death in the ground in three pages? There was nothing here nothing to explain Gin's actions and I'm raging!

And now we're back to where we started, with impending DOOM over Keigo and Tatsuki, and Isshin running out of reiatsu, Ichigo doesn't seem to get anywhere (we got nothing of his fight with Hollow Zangetsu, no idea of where we're going there) so we could've pretty much skipped last chapter in whatever happened in RKT, because the situation is pretty much the same as it was at the end of 410. Just... with Kanonji. And Keigo has a Zanpakuto.

Man, I'm so mad about how the Rangiku/Gin thing ended. Yes, I admit it, I wanted Gin to redeem himself. I wanted him to be something more than the sociopath creepo. But I could've lived with a well-founded "yes, I'm a creepo because yadda yadda"

Guys, we had a couple problems last week, so I must remind you. NO CRACK THEORIES ALLOWED. Please stay in topic. And I love your comments and opinions as usual.

PS: No kidding. 14 Deicides? This is just insane!

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