Happy Pre-birthday to me!! Though an Ulquiorra color cover would've done better, one can't get too picky, I loved that there was a color cover. Even if it was just Ichigo.

So when are we getting over Deicide please? Could it be that Deicide is the mini-arc and that the Arrancar arc ended without us noticing? Please NOT!

Anyway this chapter almost lived up to every one of my expectations. Maybe Zangetsu's dialogues were not as impactful as they had been the past couple of weeks and Hollow Ichigo nearly didn't utter a word, he was rather standing there for display, it was more a plot chapter than a dialogue chapter. And TZ said Ulqui's name!! In my birthday (well, the day before my birthday. Works enough for me).

I'm not sure of how comfortable I feel with the fusion. Sure enough, it fixes my last week's problem of how the battle would be, and it saves the manga of falling on both cliches of fighting Zangetsu or Hollow Ichigo. He's fighting both at the same time and in the same body. But I can't get over the fact that every time I hear fusion I'm related to Dragonball, I don't want Bleach to fall into a cliché. Though I admit the last fusion we had from Kubo was beautiful (Starrk and Lilynette), and absolutely loveable, so I want to believe that Kubo will make something amazing of this fusion. The looks of it made me scream, it's AWESOME. Shame that there wasn't a full frontal body pic that would've been the cherry on the cake. Another thing I regret about this fusion is that we won't see HI's and TZ's amazing looks, and they both looked super cool separetely.

Can't wait to see how this fight will carry on, it promises to be exciting!!

And back to Karakura, oh deeeaaar. When I saw Kanonji I wanted to die and puke and suicide! I mean, really? What was the purpose of bringing him here. For a moment, I really wished Aizen would kill him. The only thing that made it worth it was Gin's face here top panel on the right. That was nearly cute... and if I hadn' been so enraged about Kanonji being there, I would've laughed about that face. But I have a feeling that having Kanonji doing stupid things was just filler to leave the chapter in suspense with what was the real hero coming to Karakura. I almost thought Kubo had ruined my birthday with Kanonji there.

But then the miracle. All our hopes that we had abandoned when Gin and Aizen left Karakura are back! Matsumoto Rangiku is back in the picture! Next week, oh Ulqui, next week! What's Gin going to do now that he's confronted with Rangiku! He has never dared to raise his sword against her, will he still refuse to harm her? and we know that Aizen is not going to be so considerate, and we have seen the tension between these two rising since they left FKT, though Gin seemed pretty evil last week, wanting to chase after Keigo. Ah, the drama! I'm dying here!

Now that I think of it, it's already my birthday in Japan! Ahh! Why am I not in Japan! I could be celebrating my birthday and find the Bleach Artbooks I can't find here!!

You know I love your comments, I love this week (naww, not really, the week sucks) but the chapter was amazing, so share your thougts with me!

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