Talk about EPICNESS!!

I must start with THE QUOTE from Tensa Zangetsu "Look at this world! Your world! Littered with hope-filled skyscrapers that pierced the sky! It's been now degraded to a copy of that tiny town you grew up in! [...] It's all Ichigo, because you despaired and ceased to walk forward" I'm telling you people, I'm liking this new Zangetsu more and more with each panel (before anyone even thinks of suggesting it, NO, he'll never replace my Ulquiorra in my heart, NO ONE ever will) I'm feeling that TZ is not only the shape of his bankai, but the embodiment of all the frustrations and anger that the old man never showed, because he always kept this cool and calm demeanor, Tensa Zangetsu is furious at Ichigo because the world he lives in and that used to be a place "full of hope" has been degraded, sunk in water and despair, just because Ichigo was unable to pull himself together, and he's gonna beat the kid to a pulp unless he gets out of his little act and fixes his inner turmoil already.

Again, the fight scenes between Ichigo and TZ weren't really important, the words were what mattered here, and that's something I'm really liking about this fight. Every word is really meaningful and not pointless bluffing or blabbering like when Aizen opened his mouth... eeck.

And then Tensa Zangetsu said he was gonna pull out the source of Ichigo's despair, and we got out Hollow Ichigo with that final form he had back in The Lust (of course, as usual, everything in reverse. So as everyone was expecting, we've got both TZ and HI, to spice everything up. I wasn't expecting to see Hichigo yet, I thought, since back from the Vizard training, that only the strongest entity appeared in his Inner World, and since it was TZ this time, then I guessed he had regained control over the place. I'll just say the long hair looks really cool (Kubo and long hair is like Arakawa and blond hair, though maybe Kubo overdoes the long hair). And that we have nothing but wait and see how this plays out.

And back to RKT. And Aizen... *sigh* And Tatsuki and Keigo. Really, that can't get very interesting. Except for giving the fangirls some background for KeigoxMizuiro yaoi, and that's not a pairing I'm into. And the usual, impending doom, run run for your life, you're so Aizen'ed, blah blah. Only two things can be saved from the last pages of this chapter. First Aizen mentioning how he was planning on getting Ichigo stronger. Does this thrill me? No. When are we getting over Aizen being clarivident? Seriously? Is it enough that he puppeteered the whole story, that he predicted everything that everyone did from the beginning in History, that he has become God^3, that everytime the smoke clears he's unscathed and with some ubercliched villain phrase like "Is that all you've got?", and that he's Aizen'ed all the good characters in the story in the most ridiculous ways? Now he's predicting what the others are going to do in the future? I'm BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!! Really I wouldn't mind if a big worm came out of the ground and ate Aizen, that would be a perfectly logical ending for him (he can't predict the worm's actions, ha!) I can't stand this anymore honestly.

The second thing I can save out from the last pages is of course the shadow that will save Tatsuki. The only ones left are Ryuken and Tessai. Now personally, I'd prefer to see Ryuken because Quincys have this very cool and elegant fighting style, but being realistic, I know Tessai has much better chances against Aizen, so those are the possibilities.

That's all I've got this week. Loved the first half of the chapter, can't wait to see how this Tensa Zangetsu thing will play out.

BTW A short Anime special. I really liked this week. Though the beginning was not the best, it made Shunsui appear like a dork. From past episodes, Shunsui really seemed like an idiot, and not in the good Shunsui way, but in an incompetent manner, all through the fight, teasing Starrk about Lilynette and stuff. But after the first minutes of this episode they really fixed it. And the drawing was really impressive, the animation of Starrk's fighting style was really enjoyable, flowed very nicely. I loved it.

Starrk tricks

And the Omake was the best ever. Especially since Lilynette was going "lalalalala". And then Starrk "Now you've lost the will to fight". Really, it'd been a while since I really cracked laughing from an Omake. Loved it to the core.

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