Like... How am I supposed to think when I'm drooling over Tensa Zangetsu? Really? Talk about smoking HAWT! This is some fanservice that we female fans deserved after all the cool guys got killed off so lamely.

Now talking seriously, this chapter was... interesting. Firstly because the colorspread was GORGEOUS! Rukia looked so beautiful! And that two-headed eagle was amazing!

On to the chapter itself, there was very little Aizen, which is always good (the lack of Aizen). But I yet fail to see how having Aizen three steps away from Tatsuki and Keigo is good for the story. Unless Ichigo gets his stuffs done in like 2000 seconds (equals 1 second?) there's no way on earth those two can be saved unless we pull off what the Spanish Uncyclopedia calls the script-no-jutsu. I can't really say much on the Aizen part, because, luckily, he didn't do much this week (except for that poor random civilian, so gore-y)

Then we seemed to be revealed on to the name of Isshin's zanpakuto, or perhaps I misunderstood? (runs to article) Nope, it seems that the wikia has officially accepted Engetsu as Isshin's zanpakuto. Thanks Ulqui. Finally all those stupid theories off "Zangetsu was inherited to Ichigo from Isshin" and "Isshin and Ichigo both have Zangetsu" will go and DIE! I was so sick of them!!! So now we're just left with the mistery of why Isshin can do Getsuga Tensho. For instance, they both have the "moon" kanji and that's all we know. Yet again we'll have to wait and see.

Finally we move to the main event, Ichigo getting into his inner world, that to begin with, is now submerged in water. No explanation to this was given. And then the new form of Zangetsu appeared, but it's not Zangetsu, he's Tensa Zangetsu. And not only has he got a different shape, but his personality seems to be very different to the ossan. This revelation opens a new world of possibilities in Bleach. Does this mean that EVERY zanpakuto changes their form when the Shinigami goes to their Inner world in Bankai mode?

The battle in itself was pretty random. Swords crossing here and there and blah And TZ mostly overpowering Ichigo. The talking was the interesting thing here. Firstly, Tensa Zangetsu's not only refusing to teaching Ichigo the Final Getsuga Tensho, but blatantly telling him that he doesn't give a crap about what Ichigo wants to protect. Now if these are his true feelings or it's just a way to push Ichigo to his limit so that through the fighting itself he'll learn the technique, that I don't know. I think the latter is pretty plausible. But then Tensa Zangetsu (so many Z's are messing with my brain) mentioned what he wanted to protect. Wondering what that is?

Another thing I found interesting was that, even after the initial shock, and finding out that Zangetsu had turned his back on him, Ichigo didn't go back to his self-pity bubble. I really liked this line, after TZ said "I can't teach you such a thing" Ichigo answered "I can't go on without learning it though. In order to protect Karakura, it's a necessity!!" and he charged back full strength (and then got owned, what can we do). It showed that he really is back to his hero-mode and that the pep-talk Isshin gave him really got the needed effect, Ichigo is back full-power with all the determination needed to do what needs to be done and protect his town.

I actually liked the chapter. I'll admit I spent almost every page gawking at how sexy TZ looks, but overall I think it wasn't as bad as the last couple of chapters were.

Love your comments, as always. Stay in-topic and no crack theories please!

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