Why yes, another transitional chapter, just as we all expected it to be.

Isshin finally explains how the Dangai works and how this "time vortex" works. Now people if you ask me, Imma Cero myself, because time issues always mess with my brain (like Harry Potter 3 and the Time-turner? Are Harry and Hermione living in the past forever?) Anyway, cutting popular references, we are now getting an idea of how serious issue this little interdimensional passage is, and how we shouldn't play tag in the Dangai or we could be sent god know how many years to the past. Or so I got.

Anyone else is let down by the lack of self explanation from Isshin? Yanno, Ichigo said: "Final GT? Waddaya mean?" and I was like "Oooh we're finally going to see what Isshin's all about and why daheck can he do a Getsuga!" but instead we were left with a mad explanation of time vortex and 2000 years = 1 year OMUWTFBBQ!! (I'm feeling a bit hyper). Though I'll admit Isshin looked pretty cool with this "Imma do the same stuff that usually takes a dozen Shinigamis! I'm so super" and the artifacts he pulled out were pretty cool too, though it seems a bit suspicious that he's been carrying them all along. Is this normal equipment for a Shinigami to have or was he prepared to be stuck in Dangai? We'll most likely never know. I'm not sure if I feel too comfortable with the "I'm gonna stop the current util I run out of reiatsu" it sounds totally Saint Seiya, yanno, Shun and Hyoga in the Libra House? Super Sacrifice! And if we know Kubo good enough, Ichigo ain't gonna make it untill the last minute of the 2000 hours. So I'm wondering if Isshin will really make it to RKT? So many questions...

Another little surprise was the fact that Isshin isn't directly teaching Ichigo the Final Getsuga. We all assumed he would, since we saw him performing a GT back in FKT, but now he's sending Ichigo to his inner world to learn it from Zangetsu, so I'm wondering how things are going to turn out from here.

Now we know 2000 hours = 1 hour. Does RKT really have 1 hour seeing how Aizen is standing now right on the spot and ready to obliterate? It is making me worry...

Then we see that some people are starting to wake up. Well, for the time being it's just Tatsuki and Keigo, but oh well. The interesting of their participation here was not only the comic relief (for some reason, Keigo doesn't make me laugh anymore... except when he gets kicked) but for the level of understanding they showed towards the situation. After Keigo freaked out, Tatsuki explained him what was happening and he seemed to immediately get what it was all about, I thought that was truly amazing, and specially, how calm he was after it all sunk in, and how much they both seem to trust Ichigo. Let's just hope SuperBerry doesn't disappoint them.

We also had a small scene of Aizen and Gin. I didn't quite get the meaning of the "Have you seen all you wanted?" line. Was it directed at Gin? If it was, wouldn't it sound like a "I don't need you anymore"? Things are getting pretty dense between those two. If not, then is there someone else at the scene that we're not seeing?

And finally, Ichigo is "In" with a last warning from Isshin. Last time Ichigo went to his inner world, his Hollow had "merged" with Zangetsu, so I'm wondering which one of them we'll see this time, or maybe both? Most likely, next chapter will be some transition with Zangetsu finally explaining what this "Final Getsuga" is about, and then the real battle to obtain it. It'll be nice to see Zangetsu again, though I'm still not settling with this whole "training". Too predictable if you ask me, very fanfiction-ish. But oh well, let's see what Kubo has in store for us next week.

Love comments, stay in topic and don't crack!

PS. I can't believe the anime ruined Starrk's Cero making him fire it from his HAND! Yes, they fixed it two seconds later, but what was the need to add that Hand-Cero?! Stupid anime. I'm just glad they stayed almost true to the manga on the Soifon vs Baraggan (a little filler, I know, but nothing too serious) and they didn't censor the arm, thanks Ulqui! It looked awesome

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