I wasn't going to blog about this one, because everyone else already did (blame my little sister, the little sh*t wouldn't let go of the PC) so I was a bit afraid of spamming the wiki (specially reading the comments you guys left on yesterday's Anime special, seriously, how did we get from sexism to big boobed girls?). But I could never disappoint my readers (I like to think I do have regular readers, right?) and this blog has helped me to become a more consistent person (like, I cannot miss a week just because I'm not inspired by the Ulquidamned chapter!).

Anyway, have I become a ranter these days! Let's move on to the chapter (so not inspired!)

We started with Aizen and Gin moving through the... Dangai. This was an opportunity for Aizen to demonstrate his power in a very bloody way. I liked the Kototsu, there was no need to kill it!!! But the interesting thing about it was that Gin seemed pretty upset about it, not only because their course was changed but the dirty look he shot Aizen when he saw the Kototsu disintegrating. Since last chapter, there seems to be some tension building up between Aizen and Gin. So I'm taking a little risk here with a small theory a friend and I made up based on this... You know we started going Deicide (the murder of a God) since Gin released his Bankai, "Kamishini no Yari", which meand "God-killing spear". So what if Gin does betray Aizen in the end? What if Gin's zanpakuto is the Bankai that will kill God? Maybe I'm being too dreamy here.

Next we moved on to Isshin and Ichigo. And a very necessary pep talk. I really liked this line "You gonna sit there and cry?! Whining about how you weren't able to protect something again?!" I think this is a reflection towards Masaki, and the guilt Isshin feels for not being able to save her from Grand Fisher. It was very intense and meaningful, and I think Ichigo caught the underlying meaning of it. And finally he seems to be out of his depressive state and back on full determination to fight and protect those who are important to him.

Another thing that was very shocking about this conversation was the "So you really don't understand his reiatsu?" Isshin looked pretty shocked and disappointed. So all theories of Ichigo "standing in the same place as Aizen" could be thrown away with this statement? Of course we should wait for the more reputed translators, it's sentences like these that lead to major misunderstandings. But if it is right then we are facing a problem. That Ichigo is eons away from being at the same level of Aizen, even comprehending his power, which everyone assumed he did and seemed to make him special. And if he isn't as special as everyone thought... then I'm afraid we are in trouble here. Another thing about this is that Ichigo said his reiatsu was huge, whereas nobody else could feel it. So what kind of "understanding" did Isshin mean? It's getting pretty confusing.

Major disappointment AGAIN Matsumoto was left behind. Is she really going to intervene on this fight or was Kubo just filling us with useless hope? Ahhh I don't know anymore.

And then Isshin and Ichigo are caught in the Dangai and Isshin tells Ichigo that they're gonna TRAIN. Is it just me or this sounds soooo FANFICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I'll add a ton more of "!!!!!") Not to mention a bit absurd. I mean... it's like you just lost your job and all your money yet you buy a new car. It's like... we're in a critical moment, we DON'T HAVE TIME! And we're going to TRAIN?! This really threw me off. I don't know how comfortable I feel about it. It provides something interesting to the story, learning more about Isshin and his powers, the possibility of Ichigo getting more powerful (would be better if he were to learn a new technique, I'm so bored of Getsuga, it's like Harry Potter's Expelliarmus) So that's a good thing, because Ichigo's actual level is definitely not gonna cut it... but the TIME factor. I mean... it's like in Digivolution, time stopped and enemies stopped attacking by magic, and waited for you to finish Digivolving, is Aizen too gonna wait for Ichigo to finish training? (wth with my references)

And now impending DOOM stands over Karakura Town, Aizen is three steps away, so Ichigo has like two seconds to learn new Getsuga, so I'm wondering how this will play out.

Comments are loved as always! Stay as in-topic as you can, no crack theories please

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