Pfft... I don't even feel like writing now. Kubo, I want my money back, honestly!

Where should I start? I don't know if I can even go through some decent analysis of this piece of crap.

See why I didn't want Urahara to show up? Because I knew this would happen!! He would be cut down just like everyone else was, like some meaningless piece of nothing, when he's so awesome! First Shinji, now Urahara. Nobody deserved to take revenge against Aizen more than the two of them, and they were both useless hope. And all Ichigo can do is stare... and stare... and be stupid. Has someone noticed how he seems to be wearing eyeliner recently? Or is it just me?

So Aizen spent a whole month blabbering nonsense about how superpowerful he was. But Urahara and Yoruichi and Isshin just proved to be much more awesome week after week after week, and when we were getting tired of "smoke screen, the bad guy gets up unscathed and uses the uberclichéd catchphrase" and we thought this was getting somewhere, and SHOOT! the three of them get Kensei'd (defeated off-screen -don't ask me where I got that from) just because he's so superpowerful. Please don't give me that.

Then we have Gin. Sorry Gin, I love you (not as much as Tinni does, though) but so much bragging about Aizen's power was pretty annoying. I was really hoping for Matsumoto to finally jump in, damn it!

And finally the marshmallow cocoon broke. That was good in the sense that it was gross. And stupid because honestly, how more invincible can invincible be? This is turning ridiculous! Wait. This has been ridiculous ever since what? The "I'm not Aizen, I'm Momo!!"? Probably even before that. But this is just far far far faaaaaaar beyond ridiculous. I mean, how many fighters do we have standing? Ichigo and Isshin? And Unohana and Hacchi somewhere but they're not coming to SS. Byakuya, Kenpachi and Mayuri stuck in HM. Ryuuken? If Urahara couldn't, what can Ryuuken do? Tessai, perhaps? His chance to show up was with Urahara, but he didn't appear. And that's what we've got. As I've been saying since 388 (I'll never forget that chapter, Aizen was playing Ping-Ichigo-Pong) the world depends on this guy that has been unable to stand on his own two feet since he killed one of his opponents (BIG MISTAKE!), so he finds himself stuttering and babbling and "what should I do?" and we're super screwed (I've been using that expression a lot lately). He has Isshin as back up. But even he was unable to stand up to marshmallow-Aizen. What will he do with Super-Saiyan-Aizen? (what's with Kubo and long hair? -not that I don't appreciate it, I think it looks much better)

Super disappointment! Now Aizen and Gin are gone and Rangiku was left behind! Kubo rose our hopes for nothing? We'll have to see! I really was expecting to see her screaming "WAIT!" at Ichimaru as he left through the Senkaimon.

Now I'm losing all hopes on this. All my favorite characters are down and I have nothing to expect except to see Aizen die. But I have this silly idea that Aizen is like "Kubo's wannabe" like yanno? If Kubo were perfect he'd like to be like Aizen. There's no other explanation for everything to be so stupidly and ridiculously flawless and perfect about him. I'm just babbling nonsense, don't pay me much mind, I'm just angry that we lost Urahara in such a stupid way (like we lost everyone else, go figure)

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