Whoot! Missed me? I've been awfully quiet these days, haven't I? I'll give you a little catch up on my sorry life, then we'll move on to this potentially awesome chapter.

Some of you may have read it on one blog (I don't quite remember which one), my PC died. The power supply died for lack of maintenance. The technician replaced it with a temporary one while we got a new one. Then on Tuesday, friggin Tuesday, the HARDDISK DIED! So I HAVEN'T watched episode 272 DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT IT, I'M HYSTERIC! I almost lost all the data on the harddisk, the technician was barely able to save after god knows how many hours of trying (I was on the verge of tears this morning when he said he couldn't do anything about it, and then five hours later he called to say he had saved her). And I won't get her back until tomorrow. And I spent last night trying to vector in a Linux that had Gimp instead of PS, I was screaming at the damned thing in less than 10 minutes.

Now sorry, I had to let that out somewhere. That would explain why I haven't been around much, I'm pretty much stuck in my netbook and she's pretty slow sometimes.

But back to the chapter. I'm pretty scared about Rangiku's fate at the moment. And Gin's fate. I have a feeling that either of them is going to die in the future chapters. Most likely Gin. And I love him! But Kira's comment at the beginning of the chapter was pretty scary too, about Rangiku's injury being barely healed, so I wonder how things will play out from now on. Seeing Kira just wobbling in the ground makes me think he's unable to move, so he's unlikely to participate in the upcoming battle. So it's all about Rangiku and Gin.

Then we moved on to Yoruichi and Urahara. I think they were both pretty awesome this week. Yoruichi-san didn't show any new ability, yet her old Shunko was able to crack Aizen's armor. And Urahara just displayed a bunch of very impressive, not necessarily flashy, just tricky abilities from the ever misterious Benihime. I'm glad this will end for once with the theory of Benihime being a "blood manipulating" zanpakuto. I think it's amazing that she (Benihime) can display such a wide variety of abilities: offensive, deffensive, and binding, it's a very useful and versatile zanpakuto and very destructive from what we saw of her latest ability, and she's just in Shikai.

Now the dark side. Will Kubo ever tire of the sore loser? Will Aizen ever tire of gloating and boasting? This chapter was really annoying on that aspect. I'm really fed up of the "Is that all you got?" "This kind of attack will never have an effect on me" blah blah blah. That's all Aizen's been doing for the past month. It's really like playing a war game with a bad player that never wants to admit on taking damage.

Finally the controversy. Was it good or bad to give Isshin a Getsuga Tensho? I'm not sure. Was Kubo running out of ideas? Or was he trying to rise the mistery that Isshin himself is? I myself don't know. I was shocked at first, but on second thought, Getsuga Tensho is the most overused and boring attack in Bleach. Maybe Isshin can give it a more exciting or original turn. Only time will tell.

This could've been an awesome chapter with all the new abilities, Aizen's untouchability killed it for me, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait for next week.

Comments are loved! No crack theories, keep special care on Isshin's case!

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