Whoosh! Finally the endless "Are those metal things Yoruichi-san's shikai?" theory will finally die! They were made by Urahara, end of story. (it was ticking me off how many people were asking the same thing)

Anyway, I actually liked this chapter a lot.

First, Gin was amazing, so creepy and so Gin... For a moment, when he said the "let's slack a little" I thought he would finally turn his back on Aizen, but then he came with the "yer aaaaall gonna diiiie. The end". That was awesome. I mean, he always has this playful aura about him. And then how he started playing with Ichigo's mind, totally loved it! And it was so awesome that he finally started pulling abilities out of his sleeve (even if I didn't quite understand what was going on, I always have it hard with fight scenes), but at least we're not stuck with a long sword forever. At least he can squeeze it to its full potential so that's pretty cool. So I have hope to see more of Gin.

I'm starting to get annoyed at Ichigo. He's just "stare... I don't know... what? I can't! *shock, gasp* No way! *get owned*" and that's pretty much it. He's just like "I'm too shocked to respond to the situation!!" and he hasn't pretty much done anything except dodging Gin and get emotionally and phisycally pummelled by Aizen, leaving all doors open so that everyone can play with his mind at will (just like Gin just did).

I still think Aizen is taking Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin too lightly. And BTW, his transformation looked even more disgusting here, dunno why, but last week, the white looked like an armor, now it looks like his actual skin... gross. But seriously, the guy is too full of himself, and he's underestimating his opponents, when he's not sure at all of what they're capable of. Though now I'm so scared!! What happened to Yoruichi-san?

I loved the comedy! I missed to see Urahara and Yoruichi interacting like this! Reminded me of the interview to Urahara in Radikon Baby! (y'know, where Urahara says that he's seen Yoruichi naked a lot of times and then Yoruichi beats him to a bloody pulp for saying that)

Last but not least, Rangiku! I'm a huge fan of GinRan, so this little hints... I totally want to know where this is going! Can't wait! How will her intervention affect the fight? Will Gin be willing to hurt her? Will we finally find out what lead him "down the path of evil"? Will Rangiku be able to save him? OMU I really can't wait to see how this will develop!

Comments are loved! No crack theories please!

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