I'm in a writer's block. Like there's so much I feel about this chapter and I'm not sure how to express it. It's really stupid.

The first thing is that if that's Aizen's transformation, then I'm giving it the Oscar for LAME. It's just like Aizen fell into a pond of fresh cement and that's how it looked when it dried... and he painted it white 'coz he's so into white, that's our Aizen after all. No but really? He reminds me of the... what's their name? Doll soldiers? From FMA? Yeah, that's kinda it. And there's something else that comes to my mind... some fictional thing but I can't put my finger on it... anyway, I was expecting something more sophisticated and exciting, with like branches or a crazy new outfit or something totally unexpected! I hoped Kubo would totally pull out the best of his drawing abilities, a lot of little tiny awesome details, I dunno, something less... PLAIN. As I said, Aizen got a cover of white painting over his body. Sigh...

Then I loved Urahara's attitude, he knows what his opponent is capable of and it's kinda hinting that he knows more about the Hogyoku than what Aizen thinks. I really liked what he told to Ichigo "It would be cute if that was all it took to finish things", that means he know what he's doing and what he's dealing with, I think that's completely awesome.

And... so hilarious the way Isshin and Urahara tied Aizen! I was like "OMU that's like the funniest possition ever!!". But that aside, doesn't this hint towards Isshin and Urahara having a previously made up plan? Though Isshin did look shocked when Urahara arrived and when he was fighting Aizen, so it's pretty confusing. But when Isshin first revealed his Shinigami powers, and Urahara was talking about the Vizards, Isshin said something about "they're preparing for the battles ahead, just like what we're doing", whatever he meant with "we"? Only time will tell if they have something in mind.

Yoruichi-san!! Long time no see!! And she's beautiful as ever!! (and with less clothing than I could ever remember seeing on her) I loved seeing her!! And that crack she created in Aizen's new body, with just one attack... so awesome!!

And then Aizen comes back in all his mighty glory... and here I thought we were done with that, but once again, I'm proved wrong. I gues he has to bluffin about his "new power" and stuff (which looks pretty boring)... whatever... I'll never forgive Kubo if anything happens to Urahara and Yoruichi, especially since this fight seems to be finally going somewhere!!! Agh!! It's just so annoying!! That again and again he stands back with his "I'm so full of myself" attitude, and I totally want to punch his ugly new face!!

On a side note, on another blog I developped some weird theories about the Hogyoku... I just believe Aizen is taking the orb too lightly, despite the fact that he himself stated: that it has a will of its own. So... seeing Aizen's transformation, is it plausible that the Hogyoku is taking over Aizen, and not the other way around?

Sheesh, I could've posted this like an hour ago but my little sister "had to do some homework" (yeah, sure) and mom kicked me out and wouldn't let me finish the entry!! Pssht!! I so wanna Cero her head sometimes!

Remember not to write crack theories, please. Love comments, always welcome!!

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