Such an amazing chapter!!!!

Talk about awesome!!!

Man this was so... I'm speechless. I mean... Urahara was... Urahara! Brilliant! Totally what we needed, what we were waiting for. Out of his goofy character, he was totally serious, completely to the point.

First the fake gigai, he was playing Aizen's game fakes, illusions, through his science, like "I can fool you too, don't take me lightly"

I loved the serial Kido, Rikujokoro (one of my favorite Bakudo), Sajo Sabaku, and that new Bakudo, that looked amazing, Aizen was completely cornered! He didn't even have a chance to breathe because Kisuke was firing stuff at him all the time!! And that new Hado, a 91!! Proving how serious he's going he went through reciting the incantation to increase the power.

It was shitty to see Aizen with his "Haha once again I'm so uberpowerful and I pwn you all". The "I'm invincible" part was like WTH?! When he stabbed Kisuke the first time I knew it was a fake, but the second I thought "NO WAY! He's going to get rid of Urahara just like THAT?!"

Aizen's transformation... I'm not liking it, it seems like he's transforming into a Hollow. Honestly, what's the difference between that and Hollowification? (great ubersuperpower, but that comes with the Aizen pack, download it from iTunes)

And then... Then Kisuke came with this seal and I screamed. Finally someone backfired Aizen's "I'msuperpowerful" and let him be consumed by his own power. Aizen is dead? Probably not. Most probably not. But he got this WTF face, he deserved all of this. We was totally fed off his own power "No one can beat me, I'm invincible, unreachable, I'm god, I mastered the Hogyoku". And Urahara arrived and without even flinching started firing Kido and then BAM. Eat your own power. I loved that picture with the eyes in Aizen's hands. I loved Kisuke's expression, so cold, so deadly, so "I came here to end what I started"

All in all, I think this chapter was a real masterpiece. For years we've been speculating about what Kisuke can really do, making power charts, "Is he stronger than Ichigo, Aizen, Isshin, Shinji?", what kind of abilities he had, and now Kubo finally showed them in a really amazing way. Urahara totally owned Aizen. Yes, Aizen didn't get "hurt" by the Kido, because he's merging with the Hogyoku. But Urahara completely led this battle. Under any other circumstances, we know the outcome would've been completely different.

I was a bit reluctant about Urahara showing up at this point, being so close to the end of the arc, but it was absolutely marvelous. Isshin was good, but his fighting offered little new things, he kept on par with Aizen, but was unable to push him to what Urahara just did. Completely loved this chapter.

Go ahead, remember, no crack theories please. Love comments!

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