WTH? I'm kinda confused! Each time Aizen gives a big speech, all his previous big speeches are like senseless and don't add up! WTH Kubo?! Are you punishing us for uploading RAW on internet? Seriously, what's the deal?

So, point by point.

0. Bleach wiki is terribly slow, it takes ages to load a new window. I'm getting cranky. Oh man, now it died. Is this meant to be funny? Other sites are working fine.

1. Vizard Hollowification. Aizen says he did it to experiment on the Hogyoku's power. But nobody knew Urahara had created the Hogyoku until after he tried to heal the Vizards with it. So WTF. Once again, Aizen displays his everlasting clarividence. "I saw everything, I even knew what that thing was supposed to do, so I set up an experiment to prove that it didn't. Turns out that it actually did what it was supposed to do, but in my crazy mind, it's more powerful than that, mwahaha" I mean, in the results of this supposed experiments, the Vizards did break the boundaries of Shinigami to Hollow, so were did the Hogyoku did something more than what it was created for? Aizen says that if the Hogyoku was only created to break those boundaries, then Shinji and co. would not be perfect Vizards, but he doesn't explain why. Way to go Aizen, I totally understood why your theory is so right. And I'm not getting this guy. First he calls them Arrancar wannabe's and now they're "perfect Vizards". I know, the "Arrancar wannabe" thing was to piss them off, but still, the guy is contradicting himself again and again.

2. Rukia's power lost. Let me see if I understood. Urahara had the Hogyoku in his power when Rukia passed her powers to Ichigo. Then how was the Hogyoku responsible for that? Or did I get something wrong here? She was a normal Shinigami, right?, until she lost her powers and Urahara gave her the Gigai and implanted the Hogyoku in her soul. Maybe I need to reread it... 'coz the page is down and I can't get into the article. But again, it's a huge contradiction because all this Hogyoku mess doesn't add up with the big Ichigo plan. Yes, perhaps Aizen wanted Rukia to meet Ichigo, but how could he manipulate her heart's desires, if anything? This is such a mess...

3. Chad's and Orihime's powers. When their powers appeared Rukia (who had the Hogyoku inside her) wasn't even close, she was dashing across the city. And this wouldn't explain why Tatsuki and Keigo can see spirits now. The previous explanation we had (Ichigo's ridiculous leaking of reiatsu) was more logical.

There is also the matter of the Hogyoku possibly taking the wishes from his heart to his fights and to the creation of Arrancars and to, well, about everything, I mean, I don't really know what we're dealing with anymore. And what's really more strange is that the Hogyoku "wishing" power didn't affect Ichigo (or Aizen forgot to mention... whatever), even if Rukia was with him all the time when she was in Karakura.

So now Aizen will evolve like a Pokemon into, I don't know, Aizentwo and now that the Hogyoku has understood his wishes (it's like wishing to a twinkling star... implanted in his chest... man it sounds so idiot) and he'll be god. And here I hoped we were over the "I'm god" thing. I'm starting to believe Aizen is Kubo's self-insert Gary-stu

But Urahara is here!!! (that's the spoiler that had me crying two weeks ago) I almost didn't want him to show up, (same reason that I gave for Isshin, it's too rushed in my opinion), but he's the last one of my favorite characters left, and the story is going sooo down... so please Kubo, don't waste him like you did to Shinji!! I'm begging here!!! For a moment I thought the Hogyoku had stabbed Aizen and I thought "Take that, stupid!" but then it was "yay! Urahara!! He looked so cool!!!"

Comments are loved and appreciated, crack theories are not allowed on the Bleach wiki as per the Speculation Policy (I just read it the other day) SPOILERS ARE NOT ALLOWED (someone left one on my TALK PAGE, for Ulqui's sake, thankfully Tinni killed it before I read it). And... that's about it. Suit yourselves..

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