Soooo not much progresss... just blades here, blades there... speed, length, not much difference it makes, though may make the battle more dinamic, at least we're not just stuck in 13Km.

And I have to admit to myself that no matter how non-impressive (visually) the Bankai is, Gin has the Gin-ness that makes everything so amazing and scaaaryy.

I always get confused with battles scenes in the manga, I have to stare at them for hours to understand what's really going on. Just like "lines, swords, blood, WTH? woosh!" and then something big happens and you never know how it did.

I never really realized that Shinso was so short when contracted. Though I'm not liking this Ichigo being like "I block everything, I dodge everything, I figure out what your technique is about in the first strike". That's so Aizen. For a moment it looked like Kamishini no Yari had stabbed him through the shoulder and magically he had dodged it, that kinda sucked. But I loved Gin being so Gin and playful

I'm also keen to see how Matsumoto will come into play here. She's back to consciousness, and Kubo is known for not using panels randomly, so she'll most likely intervene in the fight in some way. Or so I hope.

I like the concept of speed for Shinso, since it clashes with Ichigo's Bankai, but we'll have to wait for next week to see how well this will develop, I hope this doesn't disappoint.

I was hoping Aizen vs Isshin fight would get spiced up on Isshin's fight, but Aizen's "Now I'll pull some random godly new power thingy" sounds pretty "I won't like next chapter" to me. Like we'll go back to Aizen being So powerful and So-god and that shit that I thought we were over with. And it sounded like "I will evolve like a POKEMON!!!"

Another thing I find curious is that this "Limit" matter showed up so soon, before even releasing Bankai. I would've thought the Hogyoku releasing its limit would come as a last resource or something like that.

Anyway, not much progress there. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that what I read in the confirmed spoilers last saturday (the crazy screaming -"I just ruined my life, will Cero Oscuras myself"- etc) didn't come here. I'm intrigued by that. But... That's all I think I can say on the subject. If the previous statement violates the policy, I apologize, do erase it.

And please try to keep crack theories to the minimum, admins seem to be pretty bothered by blogs due to the amount of crack theories we're writing here.

Loved the 141 comments last week, that was so awesome!!!

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