Biggest disappointment of my damn life! I mean... Is Kubo running out of ideas? Couldn't he have thought of something more original? This is Ichimaru Gin, for the love of Ulqui, that must have been one of the most expected Bankai's in History, and it's just a longer sword? To begin with, when we were first introduced to Shinso, and whenever it was used so far, it never appeared to have any sort of limit. It was as if it could be extended as much as Gin wanted, a limit was never necessary, Shinso was so powerful, so deadly, so magnificent! But to impose a limit lifts that halo of terrifying deadliness that Gin always carried with him, man it sucked so much!

And the Bankai... Kamishini no Yari, damn... I'm not too happy with the name to begin with. This "Shini" thing is getting repetitive. Shinigami, Kazeshini, now Kamishini. And I liked the old patron of having the Shikai name in the Bankai. Even if the Kanji keep the same, changing the pronunciation... I don't like it! I loved Shinso!! I was expecting some Awesomemadness Shinso! (You get what I mean). I like the concept of "God-Killing Spear" but still... agh

Next thing I dislike. It again has a limit. 13 Km is quite much, yeah, but we can't compare 13Km to 100 sword lengths because we don't know what a sword length is to begin with. So there is no way to calculate the improvement from Shikai to Bankai. And the limit makes it like "I'll run 14Km away and... wahooo you can't reach meh!". And Bankais are supposed to be HUGE. Yeah, 13Km is long but... man it would seem like Kubo was trying to get some attention after the huge fiasco of the past two months, then pushed Gin into Bankai, and then noticed that he didn't know what to do of Gin's Bankai.

But of course the most stupid of it all was Ichigo blocking it so easily. The thing about Bankai is not only the fact that the weapon changes, but that the Shinigami's power increases 5 to 10 times. So Ichigo going "It's so obvious I can block your Bankai, DUMBASS!" and then injuring him so easily, completely taking THE Ichimaru Gin by surprise makes no sense at all when minutes ago Aizen was playing with him like he was a doll. Ichimaru is supposed to be Aizen's right hand, and he just revealed his Bankai, how come Aizen got two months of senseless bluffing (against the Gotei 13, Soul Society's strongest fighters, and the Vizards) and Ichimaru ain't getting any?! He didn't even land a single blow on Ichigo, where on Earth or Karakura does this make sense.

Other than that, there wasn't that much progress. Isshin and Aizen are fighting on par, which is strange, but I'm not commenting on that. I felt intrigued with Ichigo's words about "not seeing anything" when he first fought Ichimaru, that rose my expectations about him and his Bankai, like "what kind of pure evil must he have inside?!", but I was... agh.

The only thing worthnoty was the color page. Shinji!! It was SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love Shinji being related to music, he always seem to carry some special rhythm with him. I thought the color page would come til next week, since it'll be the 400, I still hope there'll be something special, at least for the cover, or some color pages, that'd be cool to make up for this disappointment.

See you next week!

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