Now I'll surely commit suicide. I had half of the entry written and I accidentally clicked refresh!!! Seriously.

Missed me? The Queen is back! (joking!) But the blogs are kinda dead, seriously people! Though I love how I keep receiving comment on last week's entry, we're on the hundreds now!

Anyway, first of all, Ichigo's attitude deserves all of my respect. He acted really mature in spite of the situation, totally different to what I had predicted, and I really liked it. It almost made up for two months of doing nothing but gaping like an idiot. I also enjoyed the comic relief, it kinda lifted the tension, and I really needed that. Especially to see Ichigo and Isshin interacting so normally under such abnormal circumstances gave a feeling like "well, the world is falling apart, but it doesn't matter, we can still take two minutes to kick each others' asses". That was nice.

But after that well... SO PREDICTABLE, Ichigo takes Gin and Isshin takes Aizen? COME ON!!! There were twenty blogs that predicted that combo and I hoped all of them were wrong!! (no offense) We all know Isshin won't take down Aizen. Because Ichigo is the main character and blah blah, so Aizen will pull out the Getsuga-I'm-God and defeat Isshin, leaving us back to where we started (Ichigo alone, disheartened and blah blah blah). Yes, Isshin promises a nice fight, he had to give one or the fandom would rise in against Kubo. Must admit that it was quite impressive how he just sent Aizen flying with a single finger (about time, if you ask me) but he'll need much more than brute force to give the kind of fight that "the final showdown" deserves"

Gin's intervention was nice, we were all expecting to find out what he had in mind. And that simple "I didn't think it was necessary to aid you" was all I needed, Gin is all behind Aizen and that's all there is to it. The ending, for the love of Ulqui!! This quite disheartens me, rises the possibilities of Gin dying here. Though now I can't wait for next week, I mean, Gin's Bankai!! It's been a long time since we see a new Bankai, and I'm one of those that's against the big "Bankai showdown!" exactly because each one of them comes just unexpectedly like this, in the exact moment that it's necessary, and it's such a big surprise, and the chapter ends with the creepy BANKAI letters and we're all dying to see next week. Damn, I can't wait!!

Not much more to say. I'm intrigued by the change in Aizen's dialogue, I read the translator's note, and it's strange "You're a Shinigami and..." and "You're a human and..." the first one made sense (I hated it because it was sooo fanfiction, for it implied that Masaki was not human), but the second one is absurd, since Isshin's appearance completes the sentence, especially considering Ju-ni's translation "You're the offspring of a shinigami and..." or in the new version "the offspring of a human and...", and with Isshin coming to scene, leaves nothing to be guessed, I mean... it's really weird... we'll have to wait for the Tankobon to come out, I guess.

Overall, a nice chapter in character development, but this whole Ichigo vs Gin and Aizen vs Isshin totally killed it for me. And I'm glad to be back, I was like "Hey mom! Don't you wanna check your facebook? Hey! There's Internet there!" and she wouldn't listen!

Love your comments! Promise won't flame this time (I was in such sour mood last week, really) See you!

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