Do allow me to commit suicide, coz I don't think life is worth living at this point.

We got 18 pages of Aizen going crappy blah blah blah, and when finally we were going to learn why oh why is Ichigo so special (because he's getting pretty lame lately, honestly, he's only whining and looking stupid recently), and then someone HAD to come save his sorry pathetic ass again. There was no place for Isshin to show up now. I know everyone was waiting for a new "hero" to save Ichigo, and that everyone was expecting for either Isshin or Urahara, but bringing Isshin into the fight is a bad move in my opinion. May bring up some interesting fight, yes. But plotwise, it's a really bad move.

This is throwing Ichigo's world upside down. He always thought of his goofy stupid father and that was it. And now, when all that mattered was saving the world, and he was determined to do that, the same goofy stupid father turns out to be something he never knew existed. He'll probably lose his resolve and his trust in his father for lying to him, to begin with. And this was Ichigo's fight, for the love of Ulqui, he had to show why he is the hero, not be saved yet AGAIN.

But what can I say. All the crap is true. So Aizen kinda knew about Isshin, kinda knew Ichigo existed since he was born, kinda knew everything, kinda is god, and Ichigo is worth nothing 'coz all he did was playing into Aizen's plan. Well that's soooo coooool (read: Sarca-aha-sm). I feel like I wasted my life and I'm reading a stupid fanfiction.

And that lame excuse of "I planned everything you arez doomed" was sooo stupid. Because he never explained it!!! He just said "Ever wondered why this and that? Thought it was coincidence?" It almost sounded like Renji, Kenpachi and Byakuya were working for Aizen! Agh! I'm at least expecting a Flash-back chapter next week to get an insight into Isshin's past that finally makes up for the past two months of crap.

Isshin showing up brings three possible outcomes for the fight. 1) Aizen retreating for unknown reason : Suck! 2) Isshin defeating/killing Aizen: never gonna happen. 3) Isshin being defeated by Aizen, leaving Ichigo yet AGAIN alone to fight Aizen. See the idiotic cycle repeating itself again?

I wanna forget about this chapter as soon as possible. So I'm gonna change topics. I thought the anime was slightly stupid this week (I can't believe I'm bringing up the anime, that's how desperate I am) but it was funny, I love Zabimaru, and I was disappointed that we didn't see Senbonzakura's face, idiots. I just hope we get done with this filler soon, I can't stand with it being so idiot anymore. Though the pictures of teenager Byakuya near the end of the episode were GORGEOUS, I died of happinnes with that, so it was worth it.

Am I the only one cursing because Starrk didn't get his cover? I think he deserved it more than Baraggan did for Vol. 43, but I hoped he'd get 44 even if he was already dead, and got disappointed once again. He was one of my favorites!!! And the White Bone chapter made me almost cry!!! Stupid Kubo.

Suit yourselves, I can't believe we got to 74 comments last week, that was insane! Loved it!

EDIT!! Forgot to mention, next week I'm most likely not posting til Saturday night/Sunday morning (If lucky) Mom decided we MUST go on vacation for our one week Spring break, and I'm leaving on Wednesday (most likely, not sure yet) So don't be surprised if you don't hear from me.

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