HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!! AGH!!!! What are you playing at Kubo?!!

So I'm calming down, and breathing and counting to ten, and shit...

Started off pretty good, breathtaking, and with great suspense. Finally silencing down everyone, with that beautiful Byakuya cover (even if I hate Starbucks) and the Final Battle tagline. There! They said it! This is the final battle. Take it or leave it.

Now Yamamoto's charred and cracked hand and this whole "sacrificial kido" thing... I'm not sure how I feel about it, especially since, even if Aizen was all scaredy "WTF" in the spur of the moment, he was practically unscathed. Does this mean that Yamamoto is dead? I'll leave that for the future, but it very much seemed so... though it's so unlikely from Kubo... I don't know what to believe at this point.

Ichigo's appearance was in such great timing that I was amazed... for three seconds. Not to mention that the panel was amazingly drawned, and the match seemed so even for those three pages that I thought of coming here to say how stupid it was for Ichigo to be so power-upped just for the hell of it. But the outcome was more stupid than that.

So Aizen isn't just uber-powerful, he's immortal too. Oh, but he's not Hollow, he just merged with the Hogyoku. Just for the heck of it. All of his friends had a hole in their bodies, and he didn't want to stay out of the group, but being a Hollow was gro-oss! I mean, how much OVERPOWERED can the man be? Really Tite Kubo, do you want Ichigo to win the battle or what's the point?

But what really got to me were the last pages. Like... "I had a crystal ball and I OWN everybody's mind and I moved them along SS so that they would casually BUMP into you!!! Oh! Forgot to mention I also knew Rangiku Matsumoto would try to bribe you by showing you her boobs to let her stay at your place!! And my whole plan is based on that!!!" I mean... talk about stupid... A man can't OVERPLAN another person's life without directly moving the strings, which he obviously didn't. Not with people like Zaraki involved, Kenpachi is the most unpredictable person in the world! And Ichigo isn't really predictable himself, how can you base the whole argument of the whole manga saying Aizen planned the whole story on Ichigo being SO PREDICTABLE!!! Are you getting what I'm saying? I'm getting pretty riled up with how stupid this is, so I'm not sure if I'm lining my ideas with any coherency.

Not much to say, I'll leave it to you to comment on this, maybe I'll add up something more coherent later, when I get a bit more calm. Hope to see what you think about this. And dying to see what Gin's doing! When Aizen said the whole master thing I really thought he was talking about Gin! (I should really get over that crack Gin!mastermind idea of mine, not gonna happen)

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