I have little to say about this chapter, it was more of Aizen going about "how wonderful I am, I'm so prepared for everything" (yet again) though it was actually sorta... good? not dare to say it, I liked the beginning and the end, not the interlude. 's a bit complicated. I'll try to elaborate, maybe I can come to terms with my own opinion once I do (that sounds so weeeeird).

Yama-jii totally OWNING Wonderweiss was really what we were missing. After watching all of our favorite characters being pummeled massively and without reason, it was about time for Aizen's last minion to get eliminated (I still believe Gin is not a minion but the MASTERMIND! Or maybe not... but he's higher ranked than just your average minion, you get what I mean) and it was so fast. Really disappointing for the last of Arrancars, but kinda fair play after ALL FRIGGIN VIZARDS WERE WIPED!!! Pssst (I really need to get that entry done or I'm gonna go crazy)

I really hated Aizen (really? like that's any news) Yes I loved Espadas, I loved Ulquiorra (and continue to love him til the bottom of my heart!!! -the anime is coming so close I'm getting emotional lately) and having him discarding every Arrancar so easily with his words was particularly infuriating. Even if Wonderweiss was, from all the Arrancars, the less human, since we was stripped from his feelings and thought and memories and everything, Aizen was like "they're not human, so I can do whatever I like". We all know that is part of Aizen's character, he can and will manipulate anything and anyone, human or not, to achieve his purposes, and that's one of the things I dislike from him the most. Though the worst thing is still his "I'm-so-GOD-'coz-I-got-the-commercial-smile!"

Now the explosion? That was DUMB. Wonderweiss's head inflating like that looked like... "wow, his brain is actually growing or WTF?!". And I was dunbfounded by Aizen's words. Permanent everlasting yer-doomed-ferever absolute hypnosis is ridiculous enough, but I interpreted what he said like Yama-jii is never going to be able to release Ryujin Jakka ever forever again?! What kind of STUPID is this?! Of course, I know Binktopia's translations are not really reliable, but heck, are we NEVER going to see Yamamoto's bankai? Honestly! Please someone tell Aizen was just bluffin with his "sealed inside your sword not to be ever released again"

We all knew Yamamoto wouldn't be the one taking Aizen down. We didn't send Ichigo to Karakura just to look pretty and be stupid (even if it seemed so for a few chapters) so getting Yamamoto defeated was inevitable. I still believe the explosion was the dumbest thing ever, but well... YAMA BURNED AIZEN's GODLY FACE!!! THAT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! It was kinda symbolical, the man can burn even without his sword. And that was one of the 90's for Ulqui's sake, and without incantation! That's Yama-jii for you! That's what makes Yama-jii superior. He doesn't need to resource to treachery or to take others as hostages (like Aizen did here, hada Yama not been forced to stop the explosion with his body to protect all the area, he would still be in perfect shape to fight Aizen face-to-face) and yet he's scary strong! And he can react quickly upon the situation, even if he had held so many injuries and received the full power of his own technique, he could bring up the strength to fight back. BTW, this means he would've survived if he'd executed the Ennetsu Jigoku, right?. Aizen himself has noted it, he's worth the title he has held for the past thousand years.

And now we got Ichigo. At least we can say he's got nice timing, good enough to catch Aizen off-guard. So the final battle is right here. I got a gut feeling telling me we're jumping back to Hueco Mundo to see Yammy FINALLY dying (c'mon Kubo! The guy's not worth it! Unless Byakuya has some new technique to show, there's really nothing else to be expected from that battle) It'd really suck if we didn't see the LAST Espada dying, after all we've waited, but heck, we didn't see the first Vizard-Bankai in action, Kubo seems to be totally focused on Aizen now. Let's hope Ichigo won't disappoint.

Damn! It's getting late. Comments appreciated, last week really didn't get many, guess we didn't get anything to get mad at, XD. Still not sure if I liked the chapter, let's just say I'm feeling neutral about it. But Yama-jii rocks!

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