Well... that was quite refreshing!

Maybe because we had nearly no Aizen at all it was really good after so many chapters of "I'm OH-SO-AIZEN!!" having someone else having screentime.

And god, you wanted Yamamoto, you got your Yamamoto! Now we know why he is the Captain Commander, and we know a bit more about him, that was something Tite Kubo had been missing for a while. Now we know that there were 29 Sotaicho's before Yama-jii and that he has held the position for a thousand years. And we're finally over "Who's the strongest Shinigami" shit, he's said it for good "There hasn't been a Shinigami stronger than me born in the past thousand years" Man, Yamamoto really kicked ass here! He is fighting bare-handed, yet Aizen needed Wonderweiss to fight for him!! And it was a good chapter because BOTH sides were taking hits instead of the usual Aizen being god and unreasonably untouchable.

I also found it interesting that Wonderweiss had to trade his "words, memory, reason" to have the power to nullify Ryujin Jakka, it makes me think of Yuko from XXX Holic. I still find a hole in there, it's not like "Oh, Kami-sama I'll give you my most precious thing, just give me the power to kick his ass!", while most of Aizen's moves seem based on some sort of "scientific" prowess (Arrancarization, Modified Hollows, using the Hogyoku) this "trading" sounded pretty CLAMP-like.

I'm unimpressed by Wonderweiss's abilities. Compared to the Espadas, he seems quite... lame both in appearance and powers. And reminds me of Elfen Lied with all those arms. All he's got is that regeneration ability, but even that ain't all that new, Ulquiorra had the same ability and that didn't save him from getting killed by a much weaker opponent (who is very busy staring like a lame hindrance... somewhere, doing nothing since chapter 388)

As for Yamamoto, things seem to be picking up a nice pace. Aizen saying that Yama-jii traded everything to get the Ennetsu Jigoku dumbfounded me, did he mean that the Gotei 13 are definitely done for? Of course, we depend on the translations, so it could have a different interpretation, who knows? Anyway, I really enjoyed this chapter, we finally are seeing some decent fighting instead of just Aizen pummeling everyone with his oh-so-godly smile. Let's see where this will lead us to.

On a side note, the Dattebayo tracker is down, and the staff said that they won't fix it before next week, next week!!! I won't get my episode 260 before next week?! Pfft! Had I not turned off the PC last night, I would've finished the download before the tracker died. My only comfort is that I finally managed to get the last Breathless collections, they are both wonderful! I particularly loved Hisagi's song, and the Byakuya and Senbonzakura duet (and the Talk Session was hilarious -the little I could understand of it)

Anyway, I should be doing homework. Comments appreciated (last week got 42! That was madness! I loved it!)

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