I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I'm seriously considering dropping Bleach.

Nah, I'd never do that, I love the series too much. But come ON. Talk about STUPID (I can use stupid, can't I? This foul language thing made me a bit paranoid)

So everyone knew Yamamoto was our last hope (well, I secretly hoped Shinji wouldn't be so easily defeated, last week's Bluetooth slashing didn't convince me at all). And we started with the usual "I'll own you" "NO! I'll own you!" and then Yamamoto went on and attacked first, something I never expected from him. And then it seemed like Aizen owned since first minute and I thought OMU Kubo totally lost his mind, and Bleach has just gone to a new limit of STUPID!

Then Yama-jii came with this new trick. New trick! We were all dying for a new trick, especially since Aizen disappointed us last chapter pulling off the same old fake-Aizen trick. And the presentation was espectacular! Those fire pillars were really amazing, the ceremonial look they gave to the scene, god did I like the picture. Yamamoto showed why he is the Captain Commander, why he was the trump card of the Gotei 13. And those brief moments in which everyone was going to die because "That's what it really means to be the Gotei 13" such a great sacrifice for the sake of eliminating that great evil... well at the moment I thought "WTF Yama-jii you can't just have everyone die!" but the deep symbolism of dying to save so many other lives seems the base to the main battles in most mangas, right?

And so Aizen pulling off his "I already knew you would own me, so I created something that could own you bwahaha" really broke the moment. And once again, Tite Kubo threw away one of the most idealized characters, Yamamoto that is, the strongest Soul in existance, the pillar that protects Seireitei, because Aizen needed to bluff and be cool.

Yes, everyone was wondering about Wonderweiss. He had to be something special. he's lived so far after all. A modified Arrancar designed especifically to extinguish Ryujin Jakka's flames? Such a waste. Based on his Resurreccion's name, Extinguir, extinguish, sounds to flames, but the fact that Kensei's apparently out of the picture makes me think that he's K.O (not dead, nobody dies in Bleach luckily, otherwise, everyone but Ichigo and Aizen would be dead at this point) and he's zanpakuto is Melee type, so just extinguishing fire won't do the trick. My theory is that he has a power similar to Metastacia's (his eyes kinda made me think of Metastacia too) to destroy or "extinguish" a zanpakuto upon touching it. And the design, by the way... pfft Kubo went way backwards compared to others. Espadas looked human. Tosen was a monster, but had some sort of sense. Wonderweiss seems pretty amorphous to me.

So this chapter was promising at the beginning, even if it pointed towards sacrificing the entire Gotei 13 and ended up just where we started. We could've just saved the last four chapters and just have Aizen get rid of the Gotei 13 in one chapter, with how Kubo is handling the Shinigamis' defeats, there wouldn't be that much difference. Summary: Aizen had a CRYSTAL BALL and he predicted EVERYTHING that would happen in Karakura, (hey Mr. editor, could you please stop scrolling up on your own? It's getting annoying). So now it's not Ichigo vs Aizen and Ichimaru but Ichigo vs Aizen, Ichimaru AND Wonderweiss (man, he looks really creepy, I expected something more elegant).

My only hope is... man I really lost all possible hope now. Ichigo can poke out his eyes, then he'll never see Kyoka Suigetsu. How could that help, I dunno, but if Urahara popped out, he'll be owned just like everyone else has, and that would get me really mad. Seeing Shinji humiliated like that was bad enough.

On a side note, I really don't understand this "Let's feature Hinamori!" beat. It's like Aizen used a rock to crush Hitsugaya's head and "Let's feature the ROCK!" Honestly. No offense intended to anyone who voted for featuring her but, did you even notice how much of an addition to her article was made during this month? Two lines and one picture! (asides from any typo correction and blah blah but every article goes through that). I know this month was pretty fruitless for the manga (I'm not even voting) but still...

Anyway, I'm dropping this, my editor keeps jumping and scrolling up. Then it freezes without me noticing while I write, and half of the sentence is lost. It's kinda stupid.

Comments appreciated as always

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