You know, I normally write in the spur of the moment, but the editor was really bitchin' on me and then my internet died on me when I had half of my entry written (Aizen hates it when I write how much I hate him). But on with it.

Firstly, I want to touch Shinji's question. Since when? And with it, arise my own question, something that has been bothering me since the Pendulum arc. Is Kyoka Suigetsu a constant release zanpakuto? Absolute hypnosis, yes, but everlasting? Why can Aizen pull off fake Aizen's whenever he wants to? I'll elaborate further once I finish with Shinji's question. And then I'll bitch on how much I hated the chapter. Read at your own risk.

So I'll start since Ichigo's arrival, since he can obviously see the real Aizen and only he knows when the switching happenned. I'll bet it was Aizen fighting Love, Rose and Komamura, Hinamori could look like Aizen, but not imitate this raw power Ichimaru was talking about. Now things get complicated. Ichigo had a look of horror here when they were defeated, remember? A possible theory is that he saw this "switching" at this moment and was too terrified to react, but because of what followed, I find it unlikely. On to the next. Fighting Soifon was Aizen. He received Suzumebachi's Nigeki Kessatsu and survived because of his reiatsu, something that Hinamori cannot compare to. So my bet is that the switching occurred here. The thing is that, even if this is Aizen-friggin-Sosuke and he's strong and scary and uber-super-duper god and he has his Absolute Hypnosis, he was trapped in ice BEFORE being stabbed by Soifon, so his movility was limited. And teh hypnosis is not absolute power to control his surroundings and do as he pleases, just to control his opponents' senses, so the switching he must have done it "manually". And no matter how fast he can be, he didn't have time to move because he was stabbed by Kyoraku! And then right away, he received Hitsugaya's attack. The longest time lapse he had to perform the switching would be between Kyoraku's attack and Hitsugaya's attack, but had it been like that, then the look in his eyes, the cursing and the thought of "It's reversed" when he saw Shinji holding Sakanade would make no sense, since Hinamori doesn't know of Shinji's power. So if that was going to be Hinamori, last week didn't make any sense, it would seem that Tite Kubo is playing around and see which idea he likes better and he's messing Bleach in the meanwhile. It would have made more sense to have a fake Aizen there. And it would've been just as stupid.

That's only about Aizen, as I've been saying for the past weeks, just raw unargunmented power, unbeatable power for the sake of unbeatable power is unsustainable and makes no sense. We're back to this hopeless battle, but now Ichigo is the only man standing. Because obviously, bluetooth multiple-swordslashing is Aizen's ultimate tecnique,since he screwed three captains and SHINJI himself while being miles away from them, an the excuse for that is that the four of them were wide open... yeah, that TOTALLY made sense. I know, in these battles, being wide open means dying, but really, Kyoraku being wide open? It's something hard to imagine.

Now, further on Kyoka Suigetsu's nature. As I said previously, it would seem that he can pull off fake Aizen's whenever he wanted. When Aizen attacked Harribel, it seemed she was able to stab him, but again, it was just a fake. And now, Aizen asked Shinji when he started assuming Kyoka Suigetsu wasn't activated, so it implied he's already Shikai, but since when?. But what intrigues me the most is the fake corpse during the Soul Society arc and the fake Aizen in TBtP. The corpse was thoroughly examined by Unohana, to be sure that it wasn't a corpse, so was he keeping Kyoka Suigetsu active the whole time? The man that took Aizen's place without Shinji's notice did so for a long time. Was Aizen keeping Kyoka Suigetsu active all the time the man was tailing behind Shinji? If so, how did noone else notice? Or the other option, that Kyoka Suigetsu's hypnosis is still affecting the victim even in its sealed state, which seems to be the case, and really stupid if you ask me. If Aizen can make fake Aizen's without being Shikai, what's the point of even releasing at all? He's got this battle in his pocket! Ichigo is hopeless against him, his only advantage is his being immune to Kyoka Suigetsu, and as we saw in 388, Aizen doesn't need that to defeat hm with ease.

So Aizen's god again. Shinji got his ass kicked (thank you Kubo, you just got rid of ALL the good characters you had out there and in the most stupid of ways: via bluetooth) and now our lives depend on Ichigo. Hoo-ray we're SO screwed.

What angers me most is that there was no honorable fight. Just plain death, even if chances of them dying are few (and if they DO die I am really going to kill someone). Hopes still rely on Urahara, but somehow, I believe Urahara turning up now would be too predictable. Yet, Ichigo will definitely spend the next chapter noticing that he's not strong enough and he'll lose his will to fight. And it's then that someone (possibly his mentor, Urahara) appears to give him that spirit back.

Another chance is that Kubo will finally remember that Yammy has to die someday and will send us back to Hueco Mundo to show us Kenpachi and Byakuya chopping him to pieces. Or that the guy will remember that there were 8 Vizards, not 7 and show us the final stage of Kensei vs Wonderweiss. We can't hope too much into an in-detail fight unless we're theorizing for Wonderweiss to outlive this war for the "much longer arc" that will come after the short arc coming when we're done with the Arrancars. Very unlikely, since he's an Arrancar, but possible still, though I'm not hoping for it. Whatever it is, I'm not too enthusiastic about it, I'm still too disappointed over Kubo's management for the Vizards and this chapter

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