MY ULQUIORRAAAAA!!!!! (remember, I don't do God 'coz the dude wasn't working for me)

Thanks Kubo for revindicating ALL the evil and WRONG things you'd done in the past. You really made my day. I screaaaaamed!!! I'm so happy!!! TAKE THAT!!!! Did you see how many WTF faces he made?! YOU DESERVED IT SO BAAAAD!!!!

Ehem... now back from my happy dreamland... Yes, it was a really good chapter. Whatever caused it, maybe Tite Kubo noticed Aizen being god wasn't such a good idea, it was magnificent. It really showed the true power of the Gotei 13, the Captains, the military force of the Shinigami in the Soul Society, not a bunch of lousy loosers that can be tossed around like ragged dolls. Too bad the vizards were apparently just created to make Aizen seem like a god and that we got to see no new Bankai for Aizen so far.

Aizen cursing was priceless. And Soifon, Toshiro, Kyoraku and Shinji teaming up to kick his ass was magnificent. I loved Shinji's smile while he was dangling Sakanade. Ha! Aizen thought he knew how to counter Shiro and then whoop! World's upside down! Love you Shinji!!!

I think this chapter was very significant because it showed that Aizen isn't god. He displayed a wide range of emotions that went from mild surprise, through anger to something akin to fear when he knew that he couldn't stop the blow that would pierce through him.

I mean, the man was totally cornered, held my Soifon's Suzumebachi, frozen in Toshiro's ice, wounded by Kyoraku's Kageoni and then... TAKE THAT!!! Sorry, I'm still so... happy. I hated it when he was all "haha, I completely understand your technique, so no matter if the world's upside down, I'll still rule over it", I think he truly understood the weigh of Shinji's power when he was trapped and taken by surprise.

I doubt this will be the end of Aizen, because this is Aizen we're talking about, and Ichigo hasn't had his hero moment. Feels a bit too sudden, but at the same time, it wouldn't be all that bad if Aizen died like that. As I said before, it was a beautiful combination, like the Soul Society finally showed Aizen that traitors are not forgiven, and Shinji had his revenge, in his own way and with that "got'cha" smile. And, as I also said before, Gin outliving Aizen wouldn't surprise me either. I strongly believe it's Gin pulling all the strings, though last week's chapter made me doubt a bit.

Man, Such a good chapter, especially considering how lame last week was. On the other hand, it makes little sense that the vizards could do nothing against Aizen and the captains could get him so easily, but I won't go into technicalities and power level issues since I'm so happy at the moment.

So I'll just hope Kubo doesn't screw up with some stupid thing like Aizen saying "Haha, I actually activated Kyoka Suigetsu before the battle started, you're fighting a fake you stupid! DIE!!!!!!" or something around those lines

And thanks for last week, I really broke my own record! 25 comments! That was really cool!!! I loved it!

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