My first words on this chapter are: Gin was brilliant. Gin is FAR more scary than Aizen

And I hate Aizen. Forgetting the fact that Ulquiorra died serving him and that he's trying to destroy the world and he's the evil guy and blah blah... I think we're well past the bluff moment in which everyone seems too powerful, so Aizen getting rid of the whole Gotei 13 by the flick of his wrist seems absurd and unreal (yes, I was complaining on how he wasn't really all that strong last week, but there's a difference between "all that strong" and "So-superpowerful flashy-evil-smile").

But thinking it a bit more calmly, maybe this chapter was necessary to bluff about how ridiculously powerful Aizen. That doesn't make it any better, Aizen being idiotly strong. But Gin was brilliant (and I'm not tiring of repeating it). He was like the narrator of this really bloody chapter, and his words made my skin crawl. Without Gin, the chapter would've felt lame, nothing different from the usual Aizen being freakishly strong. But Gin made it scary and creepy. He made me feel someone was gonna die at any moment. My stomach is still churning, wondering what happened to Rose, 'coz I didn't get that last picture, right after the blood explosion.

And talking about Rose and Love... leaving aside my momentary disappointment, 'coz that's not what I'm feeling right now, did you see Rose's face when Aizen pulled Kinshara? God! I'm so scared right now!!! It was like so full of emotion, so full of fear... And leaving my freaky fan I-don't-want-Aizen-to-win moment, I really need to write an entry on the Vizards, but that'll be for another time.

Not much to say about Hitsugaya, I liked the emotions imprinted on his face and his words, and they gave the chapter a really amazing beginning but his techniques showed no novelty, so it was more like... I almost forgot mentioning him, actually, because his participation felt like disposable.

About Komamura I'm... I don't know, there was so much blood. The thing that really pisses me off about Aizen is that, even if he's as strong as Gin says he is, you just can't justify how easily he's pummeling the good guys (not saying Gotei 13, for the Vizards might feel offended) with just... bare hands (well, bare zanpakuto, you get what I mean)? not even moving, eventually shunpoing, no reiatsu and zero Kido. It's so... agh! Absurd!

I liked the chapter, I just can't come to like Aizen. When Gin and Aizen were talking about real power and stuff I expected something... I mean, not a big flashy superattack, not even an attack. I'm not sure what I expected, a particular strategy or something more than... "I'm baddass and I kick your ass". As I said, without Gin, the chapter would've been lame.

Not really inspired at the moment as you can see. I can't quite say if it was a good chapter or not, the whole taking three-second turns to attack seems really clichèd and feels a bit off for the beginning of such an important battle, but I've got this feeling in my gut since last week that something good's about to happen soon.

Comments appreciated, as always, I ain't getting many lately, more like my entries become forums, which is weird lol. I have fun reading your theories even if I never answer

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