Such a cool chapter nyaaaa

I'm not taking back what I said about Ichigo being the lamest being on existance last week but the battle scenes were soooo amazing!

And Shinji made it seem like all of them "protecting" Ichigo kind of makes sense! It's like... they all want to kick Aizen's ass, so they take poor lame Ichigo as an excuse to fight him and go all out! Kya! Thanks for fixing up Kubo's mistake Shinji, you're so cool!!! (fine, I'm saying something stupid there, I know)

After las week's terrible chapter, this one felt so good! Plotwise it was certainly empty, but the battle scenes were pure art! The initial part of the Toshiro and Kyoraku vs Aizen was wonderful, the contrast between Toshiro's cold demeanor and Kyoraku's playfulness was pretty humorous. There facial expressions were all very different, they all have different personalities after all, and that combined with the crossing swords was really amazing. I particularly liked one of the last pictures, with Kyoraku swinging around and trying to cut Aizen, it was really unique. Ans though I'm not a Toshiro-fan, and will never be, that face he had on the last page, when he said "I came here to slice and crush you to pieces with violence!", man, that made my skin crawl! Beautiful in words and sentiment.

Unohana's appearance was magnificent, she looked so solemn and powerful... It was even cooler 'coz Shinji himself said that she was better than Hime-bitch (due to the battle situation, blah, blah, let me be happy for two seconds). I mean, she was like... like she can fix all the problems, and save everyon. And that's really cool, 'coz Ukitake is somewhere dying and noone's taking care of him.

I'm curious on how this battle will be developed. Having all of them (Toshiro, Komamura, Kyoraku, Soifon, Omaeda, Shinji, Lisa, Rose and Love) fighting Aizen simultaneously would be overdoing it. But taking turns would be too classical... I can't wait for next week. It would be pretty interesting to have everyone into Shinji's inverted world. That would be a pretty complicated fight.

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