Version 1 So my electricity is PMS'ing. My keyboard is PMS'ing. And my PC reset itself thrice while I was in the middle of writing. So now I'M PMS'ing. So I'll keep it short for now and I hope to add all the cool ideas I had written before the second resetting later, when I stop wanting to strangle my PC.

Lame chapter

Lame Ichigo

We didn't need Ichigo at Karakura, Shinji was doing fine.

And though I love Ichigo, I've had to rewrite this so many times (this is the fourth), that I feel like I hate him.

I have a lot to add about the chapter, but I'm not in the mood, and this thing might shut down at any moment yet again, so I'll give her a break

Version 2 (5 hours later)


And you will forgive me for the big word but when I was in the middle of rewriting (for the fifth time) and I had three paragraphs done (about half of my whole entry for this week) and the god.forsaken.internet.died.yet.AGAIN

I'm strongly considering abandoning this entry. I have loads to comment on it (worse is that I already wrote them six times, and always forget to copypaste them to word 'coz things seem to be finally going fine), but such a lame chapter isn't worth the time and several wrath collapses I've had today.

So I'll give it a last try to voice out all of my concerns and complaints about this chapter and the situation that the chapter represents. If the ************** (insert whatever you want) thing shuts down again, I'll give up and leave it at Version 1

So once again (I'm really getting tired of the first two paragraphs) Ichigo was pathetic. This 20 pages were wasted on showing how he's not ready, not competent enough to defeat Aizen. He lacks the strength in body and mind. And this is the only one who can save us? Man, are we doomed... I don't see the point in focusing the whole Gotei 13 and Vizard power in protecting Ichigo from seeing Aizen's shikai if he isn't good enough to defeat the guy. I mean, even with a complete shihakusho (full reiatsu) he couldn't even get close to the man! Not even his strongest Getsuga-Hero could reach him!

It was too rushed, Ichigo's appearance. We waited for years to see Shinji fighting Aizen, and it got even more exciting when we found ourself in and inverted world, in a battle between two zanpakuto that alter other's senses to their own advantage. And it was cut before it even got started, before we could even see the real emotion, the real anger for a past betrayal, and Aizen's reaction against his old captain. It was cut by a kid that doesn't know what he's fighting. Even if Unohana explained things to him, he can't come close to comprehend how far can Aizen's words can reach, how powerful his illusions can be. He got a taste in this chapter, and the guy was terrified! I think thelast two chapters can be useful to compare. And it's obvious who should be the one getting this fight. Where Ichigo couldn't even come close to him, Shinji came out the first character in Bleach history to draw a drop of blood out of Aizen. Shinji deserved his revenge, and after a century-long wait he had to give it up! He has the power, the experience, the mind and body strength, and the motive, yet it's again Ichigo who gets the central attention. Of course this was to be expected from a Shonen manga, and Ichigo makes a good main character, for he breaks the stereotype of your everyday hero, but I can't see how a human Ichigo could defeat Aizen. The only way I could imagine would be if he went Scarmask (I have to do an entry on that one), and, like what happened with Ulquiorra, his morals would crumble and his concept of himself would be lost if he won another battle being a monster.

On to the next point, I thought Ichigo was called to Karakura because Hiyori was cut in half and they needed a healer (and 'coz he's the only one who can save us. Go figure). So where's our healer. Ichigo's shihakusho is complete again. Where did Unohana go? We're coming to a closing in the Aizen arc (OMU June! So close to my birthday!) and a lot of characters are been left behind, even if Aizen has been the center of the whole Bleach universe. Yamamoto is nowhere to be seen, and the only time he lifted a finger was to make french fries out of Mila Rose and the others. I'm not mentioning his lieutenant, I doubt he'll ever do anything besides simply existing. Ukitake, for god's sake! Why give him an amazing zanpakuto with a potentially amazing bankai if he's gonna be bleeding on the ground?! I really wanted to see Ukitake getting at it, when I didn't see him in this "save Ichigo" scene, I was really disheartened.

Next point! Am I the only one feeling that Tite Kubo is rushing things? It would almost seem he's forgetting about other not-so-important things. We're centering too much on Aizen right now, will we ever get to see Wonderweiss fighting? He's the last Arrancar and the most mysterious one (I've never known how to write that word). Seeing how things are going, it would seem we'll only get in time to see him dying by Kensei's Bankai, and that would be horrible, he's one of those characters we've waited to see in action for a long time. The short fight he had with Mashiro was quite disappointing, so I'm hoping we see something good before the end of the arc. My main concern on this point is Yammy. The guy has lived far too much. I think Kubo overdid it when he did him ABUS (see he should have died in Discordeque Mix (382). Yammy has never been a complex character, his personality is quite simple and he isn't too brilliant either, nor did he ever show any special ability to make him deserving of such a long fight. He's lasting much more than Tosen did! I have an impression that we'll leave Aizen as of now and go back to finally killing Yammy, but it will feel ridiculously lame and stupid compared to all the cool stuff that's been happening recently.

My last point is: Ichimaru Gin. Where on Aizen damned eart is he? Tosen died, and we didn't even see him laugh or make a joke on it. Actually, we didn't see him at all. We haven't seen him since he sliced Hiyori in half, not even from the distance, and that is a bit strange. Usually, Gin was always by Aizen's side. But we've got a panoramical look of a good portion of Karakura, and he seems to have vanished. I have two theories. Of course there is always the possibility that he'll end up fighting against someone to help out Aizen, that he'll die as Aizen's loyal soldier and stuff (it's like 10 vs 1 otherwise), but Ichimaru has always been an intriguing character. Lately, and due to his apparently vanishing from existance, I have been forming these two base theories: The first one is the perennial hypothesis that he's actually been fooling Aizen all the time. Since he doesn't dare attack Rangiku and he said "I'm sorry" to her with the only sad face Ichimaru has shown in the whole series. The everlasting hope that he'll betray Aizen for the sake of Soul Society and that. Due to the strange and unclear relationship he has with Rangiku, I think it's very possible, but very utopical too. And a bit based on my own liking of Ichimaru. My second theory is that he'll betray Aizen, but to emerge as the real puppeteer. That he'll come out with something like "Haha, got'cha!" kill Aizen when the guy isn't useful for him anymore and go on with his plans on how to dominate the world (I need to work a bit more on that one, I admit). He was a psychopath since he was a kid after all (a cute one though)

Gosh,that was a long one. Told you I had a lot of stuff to say. Anyway, comments on any version are appreciated. Apologies for any typos, I can barely move my fingers right 'coz they're so cooooold!!!! To sum up, the chapter s*cked, and Shinji deserved much more than just one chapter of fighting against Aizen.

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