Man, talk about screwing up.

I had to go and scream and cry (in frustration) to my little sister 'coz last week I had a... little problem with the admis about my language

Anyway, after a perfect chapter last week, and one of the most beautiful and symbolical deads, Kubo had to screw up this week.

Allow me to elaborate, if I can even find the right words to describe just how much of a disaster this chapter was. I will start quoting myself from someone else's blog, where I described, with a cooler mind and a big "take care of your language" warning over my head my opinion on the chapter and mostly, on the last picture of Hisagi stabbing Tosen (the one we all know's gonna win this month featured picture)

"Back to Tosen and Hisagi, it makes perfect sense to me, in a symbolical way, that Tosen died in Hisagi's hand. A hundred years ago, Kensei Muguruma, capatin of the Ninth division, saved Shuuhei Hisagi from a horrible monster, a Hollow. The incident was so important for the kid that he marked a 69 in his face to honor his savior. That night, Kensei was backstabbed by one of his subordinates, Kaname Tosen, and obtained Hollow powers because of this. Now Kaname Tosen, drunk in power, transformed into a monster, a Hollow, and attacked those who trusted him and admired him. And Shuuhei Hisagi ended his life, paying his debt with Kensei, and destroying the monster that the man he admired had turned into. I mean... I can hardly understand this uproar, it was a beautiful and very symbolic way to die (in its own gruesomeness, and I think I said this before). Yes, it would've been cool to have Kensei kill Tosen, but that picture? Hisagi's Kazeshini coming out from Tosen's mouth, the mouth that said so many lies, can you imagine something better than that? Damn, I was losing my respect for Kubo with the whole Yammy business and Ulquiorra-died-in-the-most-stupid-way (I have a whole blog entry on that one) but I'm remembering what makes Bleach so great after this chapter."

The moment in itself represented a huge jump in Hisagi's character. It showed he had grown strong and powerful and mature. And for Tosen it was the great downfall, after being drunk in power, after betraying and hurting everyone around him, the person that admired him the most, the person that learned from him and looked up to him, was the one to bring him down, to destroy the monster he had turned into. And that was one of the most beautiful and dramatic endings for a Bleach chapter

But Tosen lived... and smiled and said "Thank you, Komamura". And maybe that would've been almost good. Maybe he could've died like that, after tha monster was destroyed, and the man resurfaced. After the hatred, the anger, the friendship (god that's so sappy) outlived and it was nearly good. But the way he exploded... I mean... talk about stupid

And Aizen.... Oh God, AIZEN!!! So wanna... uggh! I'm not allowed not curse damn it! (is damn it considered cursing? could someone tutor me on this? this ain't my mother language)

That was amazing! The beginning was amazing. Shinji's power seemed simple at first, but heck, it was awesome!!! Can we say Shinji is the first person to draw a drop of blood out of Aizen? And I LOVE SHINJI!!!! And his Shikai is so Beautiful!!! I think it's symbolical that it has a circle, because the circle has no up or down or lef or right (Like Alice's mushroom). Man, Shinji's my hit.

But again, I quote myself from two weeks ago (I've been quoting myself a lot recently) "The only way Tite Kubo could screw the magic and wonder of Shinji FINALLY releasing, would be Aizen saying "I already knew of your zanpakuto's power, and so y'are pwned *insert evil laugh*" 'coz that would totally RUIN it.". And though Aizen didn't say that, he had his "Aizen-smile" and he insulted Shinji yet AGAIN and now he's too smart to be affected by Shinji's power. Surprise, surprise.

And to top it all... Ichigo is back!!! When Shinji was finally getting at it, Ichigo gets back! Agh!!!

I mean... the chapter in itself wasn't bad... plotwise... because SHINJI WAS AWESOME!!!! but Aizen... and Tosen exploding... he could've done better.

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