Oh god the chapter was amazing!!!

The looks are really incredible. Ugly, but a wonderful design. The horns look particularly amazing, the whole thing is gorgeous in its gruesomeness  And I'm so stupidly hyperactive.

And I KNOW that the cover for volume 44 is gonna be Tosen

And... and... OMU Hisagi was so perfect this chapter

And I started liking Komamura a bit more. He showed more of his personality, and, more important, more understanding of others, and that was quite cool if you ask me.

Tosen kinda lost it if you ask me. He went all crazy. And how he was screaming that he could see really made my skin crawl, it was really creepy

I liked everything about the chapter, even if Tosen and Komamura have never been close to topping my fave list. It was creepy and scary, and the plot twisted so crazy. The insight to the characters was short but deep, and Shuuhei was amazing and really Shuuhei. I had trouble understanding his personality, but I kinda got it now. Another thing I liked was that we got a look at the extent of Tosen's Hollow powers, 'coz diggin' a hole in Tengen Myou is no easy feat, but he got kicked by his own lieutenant. And I always wanted Shuuhei to defeat Tosen. I always thought that Shuu had potential to become captain, to inherit Kensei's position. Not to mention that the way he defeated Tosen is almost the same as how Tosen betrayed Kensei, stabbing from the back and releasing his zanpakuto, it was so elegant!!! And it was like... Kensei's revenge, yano'. And it was so cruel and merciless and... just WOW

I would've liked to see Tosen's power like... visually, you know? Like Ulquiorra's Lanza or Cero, and Starrk's wolves. The name of his new technique was really cool, and sounded like the Espada (just so you know, Los Nueve Aspectos= The nine Aspects), but I didn't quite see what it did, just the huge hole in Myo'ou

The chapter was sheer awesomeness and I'm still dumbstruck by how cool it was.

PS. I TOLD YOU SO!!! I KNEW Koga was a Kuchiki. But this... son-in-law thing was really dangerous ans risky from the animators. What if Kubo decides to do something else about Ginrei?

PPS. OMU The new movie!!! Another really risky move considering the little we know about Hollow Ichigo. Let's hope they don't mess up with Kubo's plotline, it would be disgraceful

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