SHINJIIIIII!!!!! (rolls and dies)

And yes, the chapter is up at Mangastream, so this ain't Spoiler

As I was saying!!!


And then I DIE!

Did I ever mention that Shinji is my second top character in ALL LIFE?

His Shikai... well. I didn't quite get how it looked like but the release command made my skin get all funny!! "Collapse" sounds just perfect for the whole of Bleach and Shinji. It's a beautiful command.

And I'm SOOO DYING to see his powers. Man! The only way Tite Kubo could screw the magic and wonder of Shinji FINALLY releasing, would be Aizen saying "I already knew of your zanpakuto's power, and so y'are pwned *insert evil laugh*" 'coz that would totally RUIN it.

SHINJI!!! Kick his stupid selfish cheater godly ASS!!!

BTW, it really pissed me off that Aizen was so lame in this chapter. It started interesting when he say the reflection of Tosen's fight on his blade, but then he just acted like an autistic idiot, with that stupid smile, and without even an *evil smile*. It was like Shinji was fighting air because Aizen was soooo lame. Bet he's pissing his pants 'coz he knows Shinji's gonna kick his ass.

About Tosen... That mouth was SOOO CREEEPYYY!!!

And the cover was scaaaary.

And OMU!!! Tosen has Resurreccion!! So it means... it means... you know... That Shinji and the Vizards might have one tooo!!!! OK, not really likely, but one can dream. BTW, Grillar Grillo is such a stupid name. In Spanish, it doesn't even make sense!! Yeah, Grillo is Cricket but Grillar? I mean... it exists and all, but is rarely used (so rarely that I had to look it up in the dictionary to make sure it actually existed)

I can't wait for next week!!! Ahhhh!!! SHINJIIII!!!!! (Dies again) Though I sorta know that the whole chapter will be about Tosen's Resurreccion.

I just have a question. Why doesn't Tosen have a time limit with his mask? What on effin' earth is he? Is it because of the Hogyoku? We know the Vizards weren't Hollowified using the Hogyoku, so that could be the difference? Mah, I don't care right now because Shinji just went Shikai!!!

BTW, I noticed I receive more comments when I bash and spit on the chapter than when I say I love it. So I'm betting I'm not getting comments this week, coz the chapter was awesome!!!

Comments are loved and appreciated

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