OMU I never knew that his right eye was blind!! I don't remember it ever being mentioned before. Shuuhei was brilliant in this chapter! It's really touching to see him trying to understand why the person he learned everything for has gone against all that he was taught. And he looked so cute without the black stripe on his face! Though it was quite pathetic how Tosen just stabbed him well... like that. I was expecting more of the Tosen vs Hisagi fight. I think Shuu has a lot of development potential, while Komamura well... Old dog doesn't learn new tricks, right?

And the Guiness for "The person with a lot of weird looks goes to..." Tosen! Man, with each flashback he looks completely differente, but just as weird. I mean, come on! In this flashback, it looked like he had a terrible haircut! Maybe he cuts it himself, so he doesn't see that he's doing it all horrible? Anyway, his mask is bland and seems to lack creativity, but I think it matches his personality and aura. And the whole "I was afraid of dying a Shinigami like you" was like... yeah, Tosen's so stuuuupid.

Shuuhei! Come back and kick his stuuuupid asss!!!

Not much to say for this chapter. Maybe because I don't have any major complains about it. Just that Shuuhei is dying yet again. Plotwise it was amazing. Tosen is a lame character in my opinion, and Komamura is respectable but doesn't make a big impression on me.

Comments are welcome as always. I can't .

PS. About my yesterday's Anime Special, it was somehow disappointing to receive comments just on the "bashing Orihime" part. Though it was cool to find out that other people hate her, not just me. I just hoped to discuss about my Koga-is-Kuchiki theory, and feel too lazy to be checking out the forums all the time.

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