I must say, firstly, that I'm sick of this pattern of Yammy getting angrier-bigger-uglier-stupider. I hope against all hopes that he won't be featured article of the month, not now, nor EVER.

Now back to where we started OMU!!! THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!

Shinji MARRY ME!!!!

Aizen, go DIE!!!!!

Granted, 50% of the chapter was Yammy getting ABUS (Angrier-Bigger-Uglier-Stupider) and 40% was Aizen's OIG (Oh I'm God), but we got a 8% Shinji looking gloriously angry (he looks incredibly handsome while pissed-off), and Tosen... OMU!!! And here I thought the guy was twisted! If he really pulls out the mask... (though Kubo can still surprise us, the man is as sick as Urahara)

And OMU Shinji and Aizen are finally getting at it!!! It's gonna be so awesome!!! Kick his godly ass Shinji!!!

OK, here goes my opinion of Tosen's possible HIH (Ha! I'm Hollow). I thought the guy had a twisted sense of justice and was wondering whatever was crossing his mind, but now I know he's just plain stupid. "Aizen-sama blessed me with a new power far greater than Bankai" Come on dude! He's just playing with you 'coz he won't do it to himself! Yeah, we all knew that Tosen's Bankai sucked, but still... a Hollow mask? Great move for the storyline, idiotic for the character. Seems to me like Tosen's "blindly following Aizen" (such a stupid joke lol). It would be really fun if he made the "I'm donning my mask" move and then went like "Haha! You really fell for that!" OK, I admit I'm being stupid here

It'd be far cooler if Ichimaru pulled on a mask. Not only because I think Tosen is a big loser, but because Ichimaru doesn't see Aizen as a god, I think he would accept the Hollow powers in a more... experimental way. Like "Let's see what happens! 'S gotta be fun!"

I'm sort of out of ideas. I'm listening to the Breathless Collection, seeing if I can decipher something from the Talk Session Between Sugo and Morita.

Any comments are appreciated. My last entry didn' receive any so it was saaaad.

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