A brilliant chapter, I must say.

Yeah we're going on again about how Ichigo is Superman, but I liked to get an insight into the captains' personalities. Unohana's creepiness is always a good relief and it makes me laugh.

I'll have to admit that Ichi looked cute in this one. It was good to learn that how broken his shihakusho is represents how much reiatsu he has left.

But of course, the best of this chapter was the Byakuya vs Kenpachi fight. I think Kubo finally noticed that nobody liked Yammy and decided to make him just a hindrance. Besides, the drawing for both of them has improved noticeably, and they look awesome! Byakuya activating his Bankai in midair was amazing too.

Something I really like about the Byakuya-Kenpachi combo (not pairing, that's creepy) is the huge difference between them. It was pretty evident in this chapter by their words. I loved Byakuya's "Finishing up is left for ignorant barbarians". I love how he speaks because he uses really elegant and sofisticated words (well, he's a noble after all).

Plot-wise, the chapter was quite... empty. But it gave lots of good old humor, and as I said, a deeper insight into the captains' personalities, and the rivalry between Byakuya and Kenpachi, which was also featured in the anime lately. In my opinion, they're (ignoring Kyoraku, Unohana, Ukitake and Yamamoto of course), the strongest captains in Gotei 13 (and I'm not counting Aizen coz he cheats), and the huge difference and dee rivalry between them makes it delicious to watch them fight with swords and words.

Too bad we're not getting any chapter next week

Comments and opinions are appreciated

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