The Fuck was that Kubo?!

So we spent 20 pages delving on how our favorite carrot-berry hero is the only one who can save us? Come on, not even Saint Seiya is so damn duuuuh.

Honestly, that really sucked. It would've been great that the main character wasn't the great savior at the end, just for a change. Now tha Ichi vs Aizen battle is sooooo predictable. Ichi fights Aizen and gets his sorry ass kicked, then he prays to his kosmo to help him one last time, starts gaining some terrain, then Aizen pulls his secret technique (insert Bwahaha evil smirk) and Ichi is left on the floor dying and bleeding, then he goes berserk (like with Ulquiorra) and OMGosh! he finally inflicts some wound on Aizen, but Oh no! the mask breaks before he wins, he gets his ass kicked once again, and then everyone says "Ichigo, fight!" and give him their kosmo/ki/yoki/digipower/reiatsu, and with the power of his will to protect his friends (and probably, Hime-bitch screaming "Kurosaki-kun!!!" like she always does) he defeats Aizen. Hime-bitch might or might not die at some point in the process, making Ichigo berserk (or lose his will to fight) The best we can expect is to finally see Aizen's Bankai. And the most surprising thing would be Ichigo poking his eyes out of his face in yer old Dragon-Shiryu style (you know, 'coz Unohana said "If you see his shikai release, then it's all lost") (but then Aizen will pull out his Bankai that does the hypnosis thingy even if you're blind and he pwns Ichigo haha).

Sorry for the long rambling. Back to the chapter, I really didn't like the dialogue between Byakuya and Kurotsuchi. It's like everyone is in the old DBZ style, sending their powers so that Ichigo can make his Henkidama. It just doesn't suit them to "trust" Ichigo that way. It felt too weird, especially from Mayuri. He's talking about making his life a living hell and then he trusts him? How does that make sense?

The scenes of Kenpachi fighting Yammy were good, but I still think that Yammy is the biggest failure in the whole Bleach (Hime-bitch could make Ulquiorra come back, so she has potential of being useful for once in the series).

I still think that it sucks... the whole Ichigo thing. I wanted Shinji to kick Aizen's sorry ass. Since he wants his revenge, he'll probably fight Aizen with all he's got, which has a high chance of getting him killed. And if Shinji dies, I am so gonna kill Kubo, 'coz he's my second favorite character (first will always be Ulquiorra, and I'm still getting over him). The fact that it's gonna be Ichigo who saves the world means that there is a high probability for Shinji to die fighting Aizen. And that really sucks.

My best expectation is that Urahara will finally show up soon. That's the best I can hope for.

I don't know if people read this stuff, I needed to take it out of my chest. Any comments or opinions are appreciated, I'd like to discuss this Ichi-hero matter with you people.

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