No OMU phase today. Sorry

As much as I disliked this chapter, it wasn't all that disappointing. We were all expecting Unohana to fight, yet she's just going to baby-sit Ichigo.

Anyway, what's the point in Ichigo returning to Karakura if he's not taking Inoue? I hope Unohana can restore Hiyori, or at least, Hacchi's arm.

And once again, YAMMY = FAAAAAILUUUUUREEE!!!! You really screwed up there Kubo

And my Bya-kun looked so gorgeous in this chapter! That's a 'thumbs up' for Kubo. The drawing of Byakuya gets more beautiful by every passing day (which makes me uber happy)

Ken-chan was still Ken-chan, and it was some nice comic relief having him chase and attack Ichigo. I just hope we get done with Yammy soon. I hate his guts to death.

It was nice to see our captains back, though now I'm wondering whatever happened to Nel and Grimmjow. We were all expecting that it would be Grimmjow who opened the Garganta for Ichigo, yet he didn't show up. Keeps feeling like he really died or something, and I hate that feeling.

Again, not much to say about this one. Just Ichigo being kicked around so that the idiot can save the day. And some beutiful Byakuya scenes.

Any comment or opinion about the chapter is appreciated

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