This is my usual self after a shocking Bleach chapter.

And Aizen's "You all died that night a hundred years ago" GO TO SOME FAR AWAY EMO CORNER AND DIE!!!!

So... back to normal, not-so-OMU self... An amazing chapter. Kensei's Bankai is really something, and I hope he shows some amazing techniques. Besides, it somehow reflects his Hollow self, looks-wise at least.

Hiyori... she was never my favorite Vizard (thought it's maybe too soon to say "was") but her scenes with Shinji were really fun and she had this unique personality among Bleach females. And it was too cold and cruel how she was cut. I was hoping to see another clone in the old Hitsugaya-style. Good it didn't happen, it would've been stupid.

Even if everyone kept blabbering about how it was necessary that some good guy died, it still hurt to see her shocked face and... even if it sounds funny to read it in words, "how her legs were flying away". And Shinji's pained and horror-filled expression was so heart-breaking (especially for a Shinji-fan such as myself). Especially since the wound is so deep and so... hopeles

Though I'm wondering why is Hacchi unable to heal Hiyori. If he could completely regenerate Tsubaki, with no such as a dust-bit of him, why is he unable to... patch her up together?

Now, two things that suck: Ichigo-come-and-save-me-as-always. Vizards and Captains are absolutely superior to Ichigo, yet they're yet AGAIN waiting for him to save the day. I can feel Shinji's despair, as Aizen said, he cares too much for others, but once again we're in Saint Seiya mode "Twelve minutes to kill all the bad guys and save the hopeless/dying damsel in distress". This also means that we're either jumping back a couple hours to see whats up with Yammy, Orihime, the captains at Hueco Mundo and that stuff, or we're just having a quick picture of Yammy vanishing and being stupidly defeated (like Rudobon). The other thing that sucks is that it's yet again a GIRL who must be saved. Seriously, Kubo, welcome to the XXI century. The only variation to this rule has been the Zanpakuto arc, and the damsel in distress is Yamamoto himself. But back to Fake Karakura, yes, it's the lady again who gets pawned. An extra thing that sucks is that, if Ichigo is running all Seiya-style back to Karakura, probably with Orihime along (because Ichigo is useless here, honestly. We need the princess to do something of use for once in the series and save Hiyori), it meand that she's not reviving Ulquiorra. And all my hopes go to trash (Ulqui's favorite word)

Damn!!! I can't wait for next week. Please Ulqui, come back!! Please Aizen, DIE!!!! Please Shinji, KICK HIS SORRY ASS!!!

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