This chapter started pretty good, amazing if I must say. I  After Aizen's "Gotei 13 and Arrancar wannabes..." I expected to see something that would make me OMU, especially with that "He finally makes his move!" but then...

Then we switched to Mashiro and Wonderweiss for a not so impressive fight (once again, the girls get their asses kicked, thank you Tite Kubo), and the lady had to be rescued by her macho sportsman captain (I love Kensei, I'm just ranting against Kubo giving very little screentime to girls). And I mean, come on! Yer not gonna tell me that we took 15 hours in ten chapters! Even Lisa and Hiyori could keep their masks on! Moreover, Mashiro got KO with a couple punches! How on earth does that make sense? Pffft.

I didn't quite understand Kensei's words "To fight an opponent of this level..." referring to Wonderweiss... was he saying that the kid is sick strong or ridiculously weak. I'm assuming it's the former since he could fight almost on par with Mashiro Hollow-mode, but then, why did Kensei tell her to take off her mask?

Another thing that bothered me was that Harribel was the only from the top three that didn't get any of her background. I thought it'd be interesting, seeing that her Fraccion were so loyal to her. Once again, it might be part of my paranoia, but Tite Kubo seems quite sexist and it bothers me to no end.

All in all, it wasn't that much of an impressive character, especially with how awesome the last few were. Lastly, I sadly say that we might not see Ukitake fight again any time soon, since he didn't appear when Aizen called for the Gotei 13 and the Vizards. I'll wait to see what Aizen and Kubo have in mind for them. With all the Espadas gone, I'm back to my "Go Shinigami!"-mode so I hope we see some awesome Bankais soon (or Shinji's shikai!!!)

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