• Lia Schiffer

    444: The Rising

    April 13, 2011 by Lia Schiffer

    Haven't been around for a while and I'm sorry for that. Family issues + Schoolwork piling up (should be doing that) But I couldn't let this chapter pass by without mention. Why? Simple reason


    It's chapter 444 people and it's the ULQUIORRA Number. And while many psychotic people where fantasizing about Ulquiorra coming back (I was just fantasizing about a color page but oh well, I'll settle with what I got) at least the first character to appear this week was Ulquiorra, even if it was just flashback. I don't know if Kubo did it on purpose, but it seriously made my day. (And it's the Ulquiorra month to top it. Really, I couldn't be happier)

    But moving on to the actual chapter, after two weeks of so-so chapters I was starting to g…

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  • Lia Schiffer

    I hadn't showed up again because well... this and that, between RL and focusing all my energy in staying tuned with the news about Japan, I've really got time for nothing at all. But I just couldn't stay quiet about this chapter.

    I'll be brief I LOVED this chapter. Rather than the fail attempt at action during Ichigo's training (may Mr. Pork never come back please), or all the build up to Orihime's confrontation that led to nothing at all, it seems like nothing happened in this chapter except for talking, yet it's this kind of chapters that finally EXPLAIN things that I really love.

    I mean, we finally get what Tsukishima is about and his connection to Xcution, and for Ulqui's sake, we finally, FINALLY, half a year later, know where that freaki…

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  • Lia Schiffer

    439: Keen Marker

    March 2, 2011 by Lia Schiffer

    I love that these chapters are coming out so early, it's awesome!

    And I totally called it on Riruka's hair color, I knew it wasn't gonna be that simpleton brown that all those colorizations that I'd seen were showing.

    Anyway, ignoring my long disappearance (RL can be really shitty when it wants to) I can say that I'm not really satisfied with this chapter. On Ichigo's side, not much happened, we're being made to wait longer? I'm really not understanding what Kugo and Xcution are getting at. So he got Fullbring, but really, I still don't get how that relates to getting his powers back. And the lack of any mention to the communication with Rukia was a bit bothering.

    The bit of "humor" at the beginning was not exactly my piece of cake, I'm reall…

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  • Lia Schiffer

    436: The Time Discipline

    February 10, 2011 by Lia Schiffer

    I can totally see myself in ten years doing the same thing every wednesday: Refreshing whatever manga page every two minutes to see if the chapter's out already. Seriously, it's torture.

    Anyway, ignoring my tardiness, let's start with the color page. I had already heard there would be a color page and I expected Riruka, since this is the Valentine's Day chapter and she's all about love and cute and whatnot, so I was slightly disappointed to see Chad (besides, I really wanted to know Riruka's hair color). BUT, I liked the color page nonetheless. I love how the colors stand out and I love the sketchiness of it.

    What I generally think of the chapter is that it was another information chapter. We get to know what Giriko's power is. I think the e…

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  • Lia Schiffer

    Ahhh... the joy of clicking "home" in the wrong window and losing half of what I had written...

    Anyway, the chapter is out early and that's so awesome!! Especially since I really liked this chapter.

    For starters, we got a more in depth explanation of Fullbring and its mechanics, which I found really interesting. The fact that its not centered in one particular object, but that it depends on the user widens the possibilities of how much the ability can vary from each user to the othe and I'm very eager to see how Kubo will surprise us with the other Fullbringers.

    As for Ichigo... well I'm not too comfortable with everyone going "go and do Fullbring!!" I mean... I thought you had to be the son of a mother who got attacked by a Hollow and thus g…

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