• LexFacie

    Good day! I'm new here in Bleach wikia and I dont know how to ask in a forum so I'll just create a blog post.

    Okay. So Yhwach, Uryu and Haschwalth arrived at Soul King Palace and was confronted by Tenjiro. Tenjiro does not know Yhwach? Maybe he's not one of the founding captains then. (I think Oetsu and Ichibei are)

    And yes, we assume that all of the Royal Guards have bankais. My question now is can their bankais be stolen? Is it safe to speculate that they are not affected by Shin'eiyaku, or are they? (Remember when As Nodt lost Byakuya's bankai and it flew upward towards Soul King Palace maybe. Good guy Urahara may had given them some "pills" too.) Or are these Royal Guards dat damn strong that neither Uryu nor Haschwalth may control their…

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