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Lemurs Returns! Anime Get Huge Ratings!?

Long time, no see readers. Its been a long time since my last blog, but this one I thought a blog was worth it. While the Bleach anime has been off the air over a year, I am happy to say that its just as popular as ever here in the United States. Last weekend Toonami had record-breaking ratings, with Bleach taking the lead of course.

Toonami Ratings: June 8th 2013

Time Slot       	Show Slot	       Rating Slot
12:00a                  Bleach	               1,405,000
12:30a	                Naruto	               1,336,000
1:00a	                One Piece	       1,127,000
1:30a	                Soul Eater	       1,056,000
2:00a	                IGPX	                 985,000
2:30a	                Eureka 7	         869,000
3:00a	                Thundercats	         812,000
3:30a	                Sym-Bionic Titan	 874,000
4:00a	                FMA: Brotherhood	 886,000
4:30a	                Cowboy Bebop	         836,000
5:00a	                Inuyasha	         914,000
5:30a	                Inuyasha	         866,000

Congrats to everyone at Toonami and Adult Swim for doing such as great job and hopefully we will here some more good news in the future.

--LemursYou are about to enter the Twlight Zone  00:30,6/14/2013  00:30, June 14, 2013 (UTC)

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